Best Places To Stay In Sapa, Vietnam


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There’s a lot of love lớn discover in Vietnam giới, & one such place khổng lồ experience the country’s cultural và natural wonders is in Sapa. It is located in the Lao Cai province,350 kilometres (about 217 miles) from Hanoi.

With its 16 commune-level subdivisions, stunning rice paddies, there’s a lot for you to lớn explore here, & you just need lớn have a place khổng lồ stay, và everything else becomes a breeze.

That being said, I’m sure you’re looking for some tips on where lớn stay in Sapage authority, and you’re surely in the right place! We’ll be talking about some of the best accommodations khổng lồ stay in Sapa. Read on if you’re keen to lớn learn more about these places.


Mid-range Hotels in Sapa

Of course, not everyone enjoys luxury hotels & resorts, so we’ll also talk about where to stay in Sapa if what you’re searching for is in the mid-range.

Sapa Romance Hotel

If you’re looking for a clean and organised hotel that won’t break your bank tài khoản, Sapage authority Romance Hotel is the hotel to lớn be. It is located 5 kilometres (around 3 miles) from Fansipan, so you can smoothly go khổng lồ the best tourist attractions in a few minutes.

Each unit in this hotel has a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a refrigerator, kettle, và hairdryer. Other features of the hotel are free Wi-Fi, airport shuttle, 24-hour front desk, and Asian breakfast.

Sapage authority Dragon Hotel is an affordable accommodation in Sapage authority. Each of its room is ultra-clean. It has terraces where you can enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains; also, the rooms have an air-conditioning facility as well as a wardrobe.

Your stay is going to lớn be complemented by free breakfast, 24-hour front desk service, airport shuttle, và open access to lớn wireless Internet.

Eden Boutique Hotel & Spage authority is the place to go if you want to lớn be relaxed, & you’re on a budget. It features a spa & wellness centre, plus each of its rooms has a minimadanh mục thiết kế, which helps its guests feel as relaxed as they can be.

so, each of the rooms is equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, và kettle. The private bathroom has a bidet, và they supply their guests with complimentary toiletries. Other features include không tính phí Wi-Fi, không lấy phí parking space, & an on-site bar.

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Hostels and Homestays in Sapa

If you want khổng lồ enjoy Sapa without spending too much, hostels in Sapa are a fantastic place khổng lồ stay. Renting a guesthouse or a homestay instead of a luxury or a mid-range hotel will give you plenty of opportunities lớn connect with the locals as well as other travellers.

Homestays & guest houses are family-run accommodations, & often the family lives on-site or near the shelter.

I recommover this option because I think that Sapage authority is best experienced if you are staying with the locals instead of chain hotels. After all, you’ll have a first-hvà experience of the local culture and the day-to-day lives of the locals.

If I’m able to lớn convince you to get a guesthouse/homestay/hostel, here are some of the best accommodations that you should consider booking, you can also kiểm tra this danh mục ofbest hostels all over Vietnam.

Lustig Hostel

Lustig Hostel has a shared bar, which gives you plenty of opportunities to lớn meet local & international travellers. It has a 24-hour concierge service making it a convenient hostel to stay at as you can have your needs và worries attended at any time of the day.

Each of its rooms is rustic in style, và very clean, giving its guests a homey feel. Other services that Lustig Hostel offers are a miễn phí airport shuttle, spa làm đẹp and wellness centre, và miễn phí Wi-Fi.

Mountain Clouds Sapage authority Hostel located near the Fansipan Legkết thúc Cable Car Station, which means that, aside from being able khổng lồ mingle with tourists & locals, you will also have sầu plenty of opportunities lớn enjoy the beautiful views from high ground.

It features a 24-hour concierge service, không lấy phí Wi-Fi, room service, và currency exchange. They offer western-style breakfast, so if you’re from the US and you suddenly find yourself craving for something to lớn eat, then this hostel will satisfy that craving for you!

Po Homestays is mix in a village 11 kilometres (about 7 miles) from the Fansipan Legend Cable Car Station, which means you will get to immerse yourself in the beauty of the simple everyday living of the locals here.

hat’s more, Po Homestays offer a complimentary breakfast to help jumpstart your mornings. Each unit has a microwave oven, kettle, refrigerator, và a desk, & you can prepare your meal in the shared kitchen or dine at their on-site restaurant. Other amenities include free Wi-Fi, parking area, và an on-site bar.

I hope that you’ve sầu found what you’re looking for in one of the accommodations listed above. Whether you’ll stay in a luxury khách sạn, a mid-range one, or you’re going for a hostel, remember not khổng lồ miss your chance of being able lớn experience the ‘real’ Sapage authority through the locals.

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If you have sầu any questions or if you want to add something, or perhaps, you’d like lớn chia sẻ your own experiences in Sapa, feel không lấy phí lớn leave sầu a phản hồi below.