Visa Application Form(20200925).pdf

C-3-9 Short Term Tourism Visa

* Please apply for visano more than 90 daysbefore your scheduled departure*

* Webởi vì notmake any printouts or photo lớn copies.*


A personwho plans khổng lồ visit Korea for Tourism purpose only

Processing time14working days.

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NO urgent / express service

Who can submit the application

Applicant in person orby proxy.


Walk-in submission.(9-12 or 14-16)

By appointment ONLY.

Online/Post application NOT available.

Submission và collection hours

9am-12pm, 14pm-16pm,

Monday to lớn Friday excluding public holidays.

Submission & collection areSTRICTLYnot allowed after opening hours.

Visa fee

Cashpayment only

Visa fee information


Documents required (Common)


Visa application form(attached)

- Fill in your name as shown on the passport.

-Application will beREJECTEDif there is incorrect/missing information.

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One Passport-sized Picture

- White background

- taken within 6 months

- Please paste it on the visa application form(Section 1)


Original Passport

- valid at least 6 months & one blank "visa" page

-Passport must bekeptat the Embassy during thescreening period of your application.

Please arrange your schedule accordingly.


Photocopy of Passport

- Personal information page

- Visa for OECD member countries

- Webởi notmake any printouts or photocopies.


Photocopy of Dutch Residence Permit - front và back(if your nationality is other than Dutch)

- Please also bring the original card.

- must be valid at the time of application

※Important Announcement forForeign Nationals other than Dutch

: PleaseClick->Announcement

Document for the Applicant"s Employment Status

△Employee:Employment Certificate/ Official Company Letter(Original)- can not be a "contract"​ △Self-Employed: Business Profileprinted from theDutch Chamber of Commerce(KVK)

△ Student:Statement of Enrollment issued by Dutch School(Original)

△ For Minors: Parent"s Employment Certificate or KvK size and Proof of Relationship(ex: Birth Certificate)

△ For Housewives(Un-employed): Legal Spouse" Employment Certificate or KvK size and a copy of Marriage Certificate

※ All document submitted for visa must have been issued within 3 months. ​

Proof of Financial Ability lớn Travel

-Dutch Bank Statements for the last 3 months

※ TheMinumum balance should be more than 2,000 lỗi.

- More Financialproof such asownership of a property, pension, l& title, etc. if applicable

- For Minors or Housewives: Parents" or Spouse"financial document(Bank statements for 3 months,Property)and Proof of Relationship(ex: a copy of Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate issued by the Municipality)


1) Confirmedflight tickets & accommodationareNOTrequired for thevisa application.

2) We willNOTprovide any status update(s) on your application via email or phone.

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3)Supporting documents submitted for visa application willNOTbe returned.