One of the most important sights in the thành phố is called Vinpearl Land amusement Park. It is situated on a separate picturesque island that includes an aqua park, guest villas, the 5star Vinpearl Resort, as well as many restaurants & attractions. In general, it has absolutely everything for a great vacation for adults or families with children.

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General information about the Park

Interesting fact: Originally, the island was named Hon đậy (which means “Bamboo” in translation), however, after the Vinpearl Land Amusement Park was build & the large “Hollywood” style letters appeared on the slope of the mountain the name “Vinpearl” clung to lớn the island.


Water Slides

The water park is divided into the three zones: the slides, the family zone và the kids zone. There is the pool with a small depth for children and sunbeds for parents next lớn it – very conveniently reclining and allowing to drink a cool cocktail while watching the children.

Passive recreation fans will lượt thích the beach with snow-white sand delivered here from the continent. It’s very pleasant khổng lồ walk bare-feet and watch the sunset here.

Vinpearl beach

Another popular passive entertainment is the rafting on an inflatable float along the artificial river flowing through the Aqua park. The slow pace will not strain you – you can relax and just sway on the waves.

There are statues of animals on the territory of the aqua park, children lượt thích them very much, they can stop, for example, by the hippopotamus figure for a good half an hour.

Extreme lovers will be fascinated by the cool steep slides. At number 42 on the maps there are 6 multi-colored hills in a row with a length of 100 m each. You can even arrange a real race on the downhill with a fun company here.

Water Slide “Slider”

On another water slide called “Kamikaze” you can accelerate khổng lồ a speed of 60 km / h, while changing the direction of movement from the left to lớn the right, và vice versa. Adrenaline lovers should definitely visit it.


There is a huge aquarium with hundreds of marine inhabitants on the island of Vinpearl. Bright fish, huge lobsters, quaint corals, young sharks, a long glass tunnel – all of this is waiting for you khổng lồ visit the aquarium. The area is divided into several sections, depending on climate zones of fish habitat. A scuba diver appears every few hours in the water with food for marine life & performs an unforgettable show for spectators.

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Big fish in the aquarium

Shows và performances of Vinpearl Park

Besides the Aqua park, outdoor entertainment và indoor games, Vinpearl Park is famous for its exquisite và modern performances being organized only at the largest parks in the world.

The show of street magic & show on stilts being performed on the Square of Dolphins & the Ocean Square. All the entertainments are held on schedule.

Also worth mentioning the water Music Scene with a capacity of 5000 seats for the world-class events. For example, beauty contests “Miss Vietnam 2006”, “Miss Charm of Vietnam 16”, “Miss World 2010″were performed here.


In addition khổng lồ numerous slides, swimming pools và the aquarium there are a lot of other attractions in the amusement park: roller coaster, carousels, Ferris wheel.

Make sure to try the ride on the electrical sled. Special sleds designed for two persons climb up the slope, & then, under the influence of gravity, break down along a winding road. The seats in the sleds are located one behind the other, & the main one is the rear passenger – it has a lever for braking the sled.

Electrical sled

Slot machines and 4D-cinema

In the premises of the Vinpearl Park rooms with slot machines could be found. There are children’s và adults’ versions of games. There is a 4D-movie theater nearby – during a video clip session the “real” wind will be blowing, “rain” drops will fall, the temperature will drop và everything will shake lượt thích during an earthquake.

Castle with the Kids’ room

There is a room for children in the building. Children can stop by for a nap, or stay in the play area under the supervision of the Park’s professional staff.

Vinpearl Island Hotels in Nha Trang

If the purpose of the trip lớn Vietnam is visiting the amusement park, then you can stay at the hotel right on the island. The ratings are excellent, most hotels have 5 stars, and prices start at $ 130 per night. The main advantage of staying there is a không lấy phí visiting of the park at any time.

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Hotels in Vinperl Island

The Vinpearl land is the island of positive emotions, and this visit will be in your memory for many months. The most of people lượt thích the entertainments offered here, so they come back here over và over again.