What to do in Hue Vietnam?Explore the Hue royal tombsVisit the sacred pagodas in HueWhat lớn explore in Hue?Soak in the natural springsExplore Hue Nightlife

The best things to vị in Hue 2023

Hue is considered one of the oldest cities with rich history & culture in our country. The great culture, architectural monuments, poetic nature, gentle & sincere people make tourists stay longer in Hue.

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Moreover, Hue is also a ‘culinary capital‘ that captivates visitors. The dishes in Hue are rustic và simple like the charm of the central people. Hue City can be said to lớn be a must-visit tourist destination that tourists should visit at least once in their life.

Below is the latest information about things to bởi vì in Hue Vietnam that will help first-time travelers have detailed information about what to vì chưng in Hue.

What to vì in Hue Vietnam?

Visit the Hue Imperial Citadel

The first thing to vì in Hue is to visit the Hue Imperial Citadel, a place that any tourists cannot be ignored. As the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty for 143 years, the Hue Citadel was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

Best Things to vì chưng in Hue

Unique architectural art of the palaces from more than two centuries ago shows the power và richness of the feudalism of the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam. Over hundreds of years, the Hue Imperial city still maintains its architectural and historical values. Lớn have a better understanding of the history, culture, the architecture of Hue, you can refer khổng lồ our article Hue Imperial City.

Visit the Royal Antiquities Museum Hue

If you are interested in antiques then head khổng lồ the Royal Museum of Antiquities, where you will find a wide variety of items dating from the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 khổng lồ 1945. While walking around the different galleries, you will be able khổng lồ enjoy traditional furniture as well as textiles, jewelry, và other antiques that once belonged lớn the royal family.

Best Things to vị in Hue

Explore the Hue royal tombs

Hue Royal Tombs is one of the best things to vì chưng in Hue because of its wonderful architecture và the history of the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. There are a total of 7 royal tombs in Hue but if you don’t have time khổng lồ visit them all, at least you should explore the 4 most beautiful Tombs of the Nguyen dynasty.

Best Things to bởi vì in HueGia Long Tomb

Located 16km from the center of Hue, on the top of the Thien Tho Mountain và on the west ngân hàng of the Perfume River. Gia Long Tomb is a complex of several royal tombs including the tomb of his mother, the tomb of himself, his wives, và other royal family members mainly built in 6 years, from 1814 to 1820.

Best Things to vì in HueMinh có Tomb

If Khai Dinh Tomb is strangely beautiful with combining ancient East & West, Minh Mang’s tomb still retains its very traditional beauty, very old & bold Confucian colors. Having the opportunity khổng lồ come to lớn the dreamland of Hue, visitors should come to the Tomb of Minh sở hữu to admire this monumental architecture.

Best Things to vày in HueTu Duc Tomb

The tomb of Tu Duc is one of many tombs located on the outskirts of the ancient capital of Hue. Built from 1864 to lớn 1867 to commemorate the fourth emperor, this complex is also the summer palace for the Tu Duc emperor thanks to the natural landscape on the hillside và riverbank. Home to a huge lake và more than 50 palaces, pavilions, temples, and shrines, Tu Duc tomb Hue offers a relaxing atmosphere for visitors who want to lớn experience the ruins of the old Nguyen Dynasty. Located in Thuong tía Village, the tomb is a 15-minute drive from Hue ancient capital.

What to bởi vì in Hue VietnamKhai Dinh Tomb

Unlike other tombs in the Nguyen Dynasty imperial tomb system, Khai Dinh Tomb is the smallest but the most beautiful and expensive one in Hue Imperial. The tomb of Khai Dinh is a mixture of many different architectures such as the West; Eastern, between modern & old, amongst Hinduism, Buddhism, Vietnam, và France. Khai Dinh’s tomb is the pinnacle of fine art & glass and is a high-value work of art and architecture in all Hue mausoleums that you should not miss.

Khai Dinh Tomb- What to bởi vì in Hue city

An Dinh Palace Hue

An Dinh Palace is also one of the best things to vì chưng on Hue’s list. It is a unique & enthusiastic architectural work built by Emperor Khai Dinh on the foundation of An Dinh palace when the emperor was the prince. An Dinh Palace Hue was built in 1917 where it is the place khổng lồ hold the royal reception & celebration ceremonies and officials of the French Protectorate. Over time và the devastation of war, up to now, the palace has only left 3 quite intact works: the main gate, the Trung Lap communal house, & the Khai Tuong floor. In addition khổng lồ check-in, you can learn about the history, architecture, & culture of the Nguyen Dynasty here.


Visit the sacred pagodas in Hue

Hue is known as the Buddhist đô thị of Vietnam. This land attracts visitors not only in its history, chất lượng tourist spots but also in the ancient, sacred, & spiritual value of many temples here. The pagoda in Hue may not be large in area, but the history, culture, và spirituality are bold in each specific feature of the works here. Below are the famous và must-visit Hue Pagodas that you should step your feet in.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Hidden in a sacred place without noise & bustle, Thien Mu Pagoda still attracts tourists when coming lớn Hue because of its mysterious myths, by its ancient beauty, and the tranquillity of the poetic Perfume River.

Best Things to vì chưng in HueHuyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda

Unlike Thien Mu Pagoda, Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda belongs to the Theravada. The pagoda is located at an altitude of 300m above sea level, thanks khổng lồ the surrounding trees and lakes, the air here are fresh and surprisingly pleasant. Every corner of the temple is meticulously designed to bring peace lớn the heart of people.


Coming to lớn Hue, if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of life, spend a morning coming khổng lồ Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda, visitors will find this place very heartbreaking.

Tu Dam Pagoda

Tu Dam is one of the pagodas undergoing many historical events. Nowadays, Tu Dam Pagoda has become a magnificent temple. Sitting on the porch và watching the Bodhi leaves falling full of the yard swirling in the afternoon wind, people just want to stop here forever – the sacred, quiet, gentle place.

Tu Dam Pagoda- Things to do in Hue

Huyen Tran Princess Temple

Huyen Tran Princess temple is a large cultural complex with the solemn shrine of the princess Huyen Tran, the person who had a great contribution khổng lồ expanding the country, a lotus lake, the monastery of Emperor Tran Nhan Tong, orchid gardens, and a library. Visitors can also participate in some cultural activities at Huyen Tran Princess Temple such as offering incense, calling bells, martial arts performances, as well as flower arrangements.


Enquire about An Hien Garden House

An Hien garden house Hue is a “new” place with an “old” atmosphere, which is one of the attractive sites, especially for those who want to lớn experience a little old capital. The garden house has the ancient và majestic features of imperial architecture, but still shows the simplicity of folk architecture.


Go to see Tiger Arena Hue

The tiger fighting arena Hue is located about 3 km from the center of Hue & was built in 1832. Therefore, it was built during the Minh mang period and will be the venue for dramatic battles between tigers và elephants.


Today you will no longer find any battles here anymore, as these battles were halted in the 1900s but you can still nhận xét this great historical site & if you look closely there were even claw marks piercing the ruined walls. Read more about Tiger Arena Hue here.

Thanh Toan Bridge

Thanh Toan Bridge Hue is a tile-roofed footbridge that’s similar lớn Hoi An’s Japanese Bridge, featuring ancient Chinese and Japanese motifs as well as ornate carvings of sacred animals. Thanh Toan Bridge is Hue’s special historical relic & is recognized as the vị trí cao nhất artistic value monument in Vietnam.

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What to lớn explore in Hue?

Conquer Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is located at an altitude of 1,450 meters above sea level & has some of the best views in Hue. Exploring Bach Ma mountains, you will find towering waterfalls as well as beautiful hiking trails. There are a number of dilapidated French mansions to lớn observe along the way.


The park is part of the wider Truong Son range & this part of Vietnam is known for its lush landscape. If you are a person who loves adventure, explore và conquering all challenges, Bach Ma National Park Hue is the place you should not miss.

Explore An Bang Cemetery (City of Ghosts Hue)

An Bang Cemetery is located in Vinh An commune, Phu Vang district, which is a fishing village now known as the “City of Ghosts Vietnam” or “An Bang ghost city” with “super mausoleums“. Here, you not only admire the most supernatural mausoleums in the world but also have the opportunity to lớn learn more about the architecture, people, mysterious stories surrounding this tomb. Unlike other normal tombs, the tombs here are built in the style of the old emperor’s tomb, so its value is very high in terms of art, architecture, & construction costs.


Take a motorbike lớn Abandoned Water Park Hue

Abandoned water park Hue becomes a new check-in place in Hue, especially attracting young people who love khổng lồ explore. Located near Thien An hill – a hill covered with pine forest lượt thích Da Lat. Thuy Tien Lake has an Abandoned Water Park. The entire 50-hectare campus with many entertainment items is now completely wild, covered with moss, which is the point of “seducing” the brave guests. Going to lớn narcissus lake by motorbike, on a cool pine-tree path is such a wonderful experience.

Abandoned water park Hue- Best Things to bởi in Hue

Soak in the natural springs

The Alba Thanh tung Hot Springs

Alba Thanh chảy Hot Springs is one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Vietnam, coming here you can also enjoy designated treatment rooms, where you can get a gentle mas sa or other spa treatments. There are also other activities on offer here lượt thích high ropes & zip ropes, or you can play games in the water park.


The Elephant Springs

Hue has gained a reputation for not only stunning landscapes, ancient palaces, hidden treasures but also the fresh Eco-tourism areas. One of the places for a traveler lớn have a dip bath, have much fun, & enjoy quality time is Elephant Springs. If you want lớn see many waterfalls and climb up lớn the hut to lớn eat a piece of salty grilled chicken. Elephant Springs Hue is a destination that you cannot miss.


Sunbath on Thuan An Beach

As a small beach near Hue city, Thuan An Beach is an ideal place for when you want to go to the beach suddenly but bởi vì not want to lớn go far. The 1-kilometer long beach is famous for its splendid sunrise & sunset, just standing on the fine sand to lớn watch it will feel very satisfied.

Thuan An Beach- Things to vì chưng in Hue

Admire Sunset in Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang lagoon belongs to the large Tam Giang – Cau hai lagoon system and is the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia. The large lagoon area along with thai Duong Ha fishing village is like an oasis between the four sides of the river that will attract you at first sight.

Things to do in Hue- best Hue thành phố Tour

The life of this ancient fisherman is vibrant but also extremely peaceful. In the morning you will witness the bustling scene here, boats dock with full of shrimp & fish, the women bring fish to the market for sale. In the afternoon, there is nothing better than lớn sit down & watch the brilliant sunset gradually cover the water.

Check-in Lang co Beach

If you are looking for a peaceful setting in the middle of a mountain – a pristine sea, Lang Co is the ideal choice. Lang teo Beach with clear water, a curved beach, is known as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.


That is the reason why Lang teo beach concentrates on many luxury hotels, resorts, giving you a perfect relaxing vacation, completely away from the noisy đô thị to immerse yourself in pure nature.

Lap An Lagoon

Also located at the foot of nhị Van pass, right next lớn the beautiful Lang teo Bay, Lap An lagoon also possesses its own rare beauty. Large lagoon sinking into the tranquility of mountains và the blue sky. In particular, the experience you cannot ignore in Lap An lagoon is the walking path in the middle of the lagoon that will appear at low tide. Vày not forget to lớn bring a điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh or camera lớn capture the moment of this magic.


Explore Hue Nightlife

What to bởi in Hue at night? That is the common question that a lot of tourists asked when traveling to Hue. Not only beautiful in the daytime, exploring Hue nightlife is one of the best things to bởi vì in Hue.

Sitting on the long Boat and listening to “ Folk Song” on Perfume River

Traveling to Hue but not yet taking a long boat lớn go along the Perfume River & enjoy the folk-song performance, it is considered that you have not traveled to Hue. Sitting on the boat, visitors will feel how beautiful the Perfume River is, more dreamy with the ancient beauty combined with the melodious folk music that makes visitors relax with the ancient space.

Tour recommended: Perfume River Sunset Cruise

Dinner Cruise on Perfume River- Best Things to bởi vì in HueWalking on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street

When night falls, that is when Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street becomes unusually crowded & bustling, it is different from the inherent silence of Hue. Many young people organize music exchanges, flashmob dance, street painting, flute playing. The poetic beauty of the Perfume River mixed with the fanciful shimmer of Truong Tien Bridge has attracted many young people & tourists to lớn join.


Going to lớn the Bar

If you look for a lively spot in the midst of Hue, bars will be the perfect nightlife destinations for you. You will have a swell time with your buddies there while having a glass of wine, beer, cocktail, or mocktail.


Here are some favorite bars in Hue:

Tarvet Pub (11 Vo Thi Sau)DMZ bar (60 Le Loi).Brown Eyes bar (56 Chu Van An).

Enjoy Specialities Foods in Hue

Mention about the best things to do in Hue, we could not ignore the Hue Street Food. Hue becomes more serene and rustic at nightlife. In spite of being in the city center, you may not feel the hustle và bustle lượt thích the larger cities including Ha Noi, or Ho bỏ ra Minh. So, having a snack in the nightlife is considered a great pleasure. Street food is buzzing near Dong bố market, around the cultural center, under Trang Tien bridge, or along the Perfume River.

Bun Bo Hue- Best Things To vì In Hue

Don’t forget lớn taste Hue’s specialties, namely Hue noodle soup with beef, grilled pork sausages, thick noodle soup, dumplings of Hue (water fern cake, flat rice dumpling, tapioca dumpling, or steamed rice sheets), và sweet soups. Book a Hue Street Food Tour is highly recommended.

Here are some street stalls for you lớn drop by:

The No.1 Bun Bo Hue at 19 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hue city.Hanh Local Food Restaurant at 11 Pho Duc Chinh Street.Lac Thien Pancake Restaurant at 06 Dinh Tien Hoang street, Hue city.

Where should I stay in Hue city?

Hue đô thị is a famous destination that all kinds of tourists must explore in Vietnam. It is attractive with the poetic Perfume River, Hue Imperial Citadel, Truong Tien Bridge; Thien Mu Pagoda, Bach Ma National Park. Not khổng lồ mention the great cuisines, nightlife, and craft villages. A wonderful stay in Hue will give you close access lớn everything. The hotels in Hue are various in style & price levels, but most will be within an affordable budget.

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Those are the Best Things To vì in Hue City. Lớn get enormous pleasure when visiting Hue city you can book a Hue đô thị Tour, Hue Private car via Best Hue đô thị Tour. Blessing you have a great trip khổng lồ Hue Imperial!