The 10 best things to do in hoi an


Serene in the daytime & lively at night - that"s how you can talk about the charming town of Hoi An. As the sun goes down and the lights go up, Hoi An glitters with colorful lanterns, fanciful lights, & the shimmering water of Hoai nghiêm River. Let"s begin your nocturnal wanderings with these things lớn bởi in Hoi An at night.

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Top Things to lớn Do in Hoi An at Night

Have Cao Lau for Dinner

It would be an omission khổng lồ talk about Hoi An cuisine without mentioning Cao Lau. Resembling the Japanese udon in its White color and thickness, Cao Lau is usually eaten with pork, cabbage, & grilled Banh Trang. Though the night market does serve this dish, it is advisable lớn try it at specialized restaurants in town.


Cao Lau originates from Chinese food

Marvel at Colorful Lanterns

The fabric lantern is the most prevalent souvenir for your loved ones at trang chủ and it is a wonderful cửa nhà to remind you about this antique town. In the daytime, it might look mediocre but at night, it becomes an impressive ornament that captivates you at first glance. You can see their beauty on streets along Hoai vệ River or at the Hoi An Night Market.


A street packed with lanterns - a signature image of Hoi An

Go Shopping in Hoi An Night Market

Immerse in the hustle & bustle of Hoi An Night Market và you will be surprised by the commodities you find here. From snacks and sweets to potteries & souvenirs, the market offers them all! Normally, you should bargain with the seller for half of the stated price.

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Address: Nguyen Hoang Street

Opening hours: 5 PM - 11 PM


These accessories are widely sold in the market at a reasonable price


A corner of Hoi An Night Market

Take A River Cruise

This is a superb way to lớn rejuvenate and find your inner peace. Sitting on the cruise, you will view the town from a whole new perspective and have a closer look at the Hoai phong River. However, keep in mind that these cruises are more pricey than normal boat tours.

Cinnatháng Cruises


Duration: 2 hours

Ticket price: VND 790,000 - VND 930,000

Little River Cruise

Address: Little Riverside Hoi An, 86 Tran Hung Dao Street

Duration: 1.5 hours

Ticket price: VND 499,000 per child - VND 999,000 per adult


Among mỏi our top things to do in Hoi An at night, a river cruise is the most costly but you will get what you pay for

Drop Paper Lanterns

Once coming to Hoi An, don"t miss the chance to lớn drop a handcrafted lantern while making a wish. Each lantern is meticulously made by the skillful hands of artisans and cost from VND 10,000 to VND 50,000. You can buy cheap ones (VND 10,000) from hawkers along the Hoai nghiêm River. They"ll also lit the candle inside for you so your only job is khổng lồ make a wish và send the lantern into lớn the water.


In Vietnam"s folklore, this paper lantern (lotus lantern) represents people"s wish for health, good fortune, và peace

Glide through Hoi An Ancient Town

Under the glistening sunlight, Hoi An is lượt thích a silk painting with a warm tone of yellow. But when the night comes, it turns inlớn a riot of color as lanterns are hung all over the streets and alleys. What"s more amazing is that after 5 PM, all vehicles are banned so your excursion will not be disturbed by engine sounds và motorbikes.

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Lanterns sparkling around Hoi An

Find & book a top-rated hotel in Hoi An below:

Drink Bia Hoi - Local Draft Beer

In Vietnam, Bia Hoi - Local Draft Beer - appears everywhere from the North to lớn the South & Hoi An is not an exception. After a sweaty day gliding through spider-webbing streets và alleys, dropping by a stall of Bia Hoi is not a bad idea. Interestingly, you don"t need a billboard khổng lồ recognize these stalls. If you see some men chatting while holding yellow mugs, you know what that place sells.


These glasses of beer can ease the heat in Hoi An

Join A Bai Choi (Bingo) Game

Love sầu playing Bingo in your home page country? Then you probably want khổng lồ join Bai Choi – a traditional Vietnamese game with similar rules. Just a few steps away from Hoi An Bridge, there is a yard where people gather khổng lồ play this game. Since the game requires you khổng lồ understand some folk songs, going with a Vietnamese frikết thúc is highly recommended. Otherwise, watch how the locals enjoy this lively game!


A typical game of Bai Choi

Summary of Things lớn vì chưng in Hoi An at Night

At the outphối, miss Hoi An seems sedentary but once the night comes, you will be astonished by her vibrancy và energy. Try these top things lớn bởi in Hoi An at night và let us know how you feel by giving us your comments below.

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