Suối Tranh Phú Quốc Khu Du Lịch Nổi Tiếng


Phu Quoc pearl islvà is one of the places you can visit to underst& which “golden forest” & the “beautiful silver sea” of Vietphái mạnh mean. After soaking in the waves, and playing on the White sand at Phu Quoc beach, what is more interesting than being able khổng lồ hear the birds singing and watching the murmuring streams of the rocky stream in the forest. Let’s explore Suoi Ttinh quái waterfall Phu Quoc together.

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1. Basic information about Suoi Toắt waterfall Phu Quoc

Suoi Tranh is the most impressive place in Phu Quoc và is considered one of the most attractive sầu natural destinations on the island. Although it is not a large waterfall, it still has a picturesque beauty and the scenery along the lively path leading to the waterfall.Ttrẻ ranh Stream possesses many small streams, weaving through the canyon forests. The stream has little water in the dry season, so it is not as beautiful as the rainy season. The best time to visit the Ttinh quái stream is from May lớn September every year.


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Address: Suoi May, Duong To commune, Phu QuocTicket price: 10,000 VND / person.Planning to visit Suoi Tranh ma Water và Phu Quoc Island? Contact us Luxury Travel for more guides và support.

2. How to get to Suoi Tnhóc waterfall Phu Quoc?


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3. What to lớn explore in Suoi Tma lanh waterfall Phu Quoc?

Walking slowly on the path paved with small mossy rocks, you will pass through the verdant trees with the cool breeze to reach Suoi Ttrẻ ranh waterfall Phu Quoc.

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The air in the forest is cool, but the closer you get lớn the stream, the more you can feel the cool stream. From the foot of Tranh ma stream, you go about 300m up khổng lồ the waterfall for camping, hiking & relaxing.Trỡ ràng Stream is not large and rapids are not high or noisy violently. The stream flows along with the soft rocky flows – looming & murmuring like a beautiful picture that Mother Nature bestowed on the isl& of pearls.


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Coming to lớn Tranh con stream, you can bring a small fishing rod khổng lồ relax & go fishing. After that, you can leisurely tìm kiếm wander around lớn look for a dry roông chồng lớn relax or read a book in the humming of birds, the murmur of streams and the scent of forest flowers in the breeze.If you have sầu plenty of time, after camping, let’s continue to lớn climb high khổng lồ explore the mountains khổng lồ explore some mysterious & strange caves inside at the top of the mountain. Bat cave at the height of about 200m, up to 50m deep, with many beautiful stalactites, is a good idea for you.

4. Explore Suoi Tnhãi ranh waterfall in Phu Quoc with Luxury Travel

If you are still confused about how to lớn get khổng lồ Suoi Ttinh ranh waterfall, let Luxury Travel plan the whole Phu Quoc trip & take care of you for an amazing trip.

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