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The magical world of Sun World tía Na Hills is mustn’t miss experience in Da Nang, Vietnam. Perched on top of a hill at the height of 1,487 meters above sea level, this recreational park is aptly called “heaven on earth.” It’s not your usual amusement park as it’s an otherworldly escape. It’s where you can experience four seasons in a day through its variety of attractions. 

To help you plan out your trip to lớn Sun World bố Na Hills, read this comprehensive guide on what lớn expect in Vietnam’s must-visit destination. 

How to lớn Get There

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There aren’t many public transportations available going to tía Na Hills. The best và most convenient option would be via us or hiring a private car. 

Via Bus

Air-conditioned shuttle buses are available to và from domain authority Nang or Hoi An to tía Na Hills:

From Hoi An to cha Na Hills: approximately two hoursFrom da Nang to tía Na Hills: approximately 1.5 hours


Shuttle Bus Transfer Between da Nang/Hoi An & Ba mãng cầu Hills
Ride in complete comfort between da Nang or Hoi An & the iconic bố Na Hills in this air-conditioned shuttle bus service.

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Via Private Car

You can hire a charter oto going to và from cha Na Hills. The pick-up point is from da Nang đô thị center, but you can also ask to be picked up from other cities with a certain surcharge fee. You can also choose a car that can seat up lớn 12 people.


Private Charter oto Between da Nang & Ba mãng cầu Hills
Explore ba Na Hills & the global well-known Golden Bridge without struggling on public transportation or shared vehicles! Book this private oto charter now!


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For visitors

Adult: VND 750,000Child (1m lớn 1.4m in height): VND 600,000

For domain authority Nang locals

Adult: VND 450,000Child (1m khổng lồ 1.4m in height): VND 350,000

Children below 1m in height are exempted from ticket fares.

How to get tickets

There are several ways lớn get tickets to tía Na Hills:


Purchase a ticket through this page & choose the package option that best fits you.

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Sun World tía Na Hills Ticket
Enjoy yourself at domain authority Nang’s enormous amusement park bố Na Hills. Ride the cable oto to the top to soak in the beautiful views!

Via website

You may also buy your tickets through their official website at

Via direct purchase

Once you’re in tía Na Hills, you can secure tickets from automatic ticket booths and kiosks khổng lồ enter.

What to lớn bring 

Aside from the important stuff (valid ID, passport, money), bringing helpful items will make your trip to Sun World fuss-free. Make sure to lớn bring:

Umbrella Extra shirtComfortable shoesLight jacketTickets

Top attractions

Mercure cha Na Hills French Village

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It’s as if you’ve traveled back to lớn the 19th century in this European-inspired village. This attraction is modeled after 19th-century quintessential French villages. Moreover, the place exudes a rustic and romantic atmosphere. Aside from being an attraction, it doubles as a hotel with 494 well-appointed suite rooms with a view of the ba Na mountains. 

Golden Bridge

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Perhaps the most iconic landmark of bố Na Hills would be the Golden Bridge. This was named one of the World’s Greatest Places in 2018, due lớn its striking architectural beauty. Characterized by two huge stone hands seemingly holding the sash-like golden bridge, this is actually the way lớn go from the mountain foot to lớn the Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens. 

Le Jardin Flower Garden

via Sun World cha Na Hills’ Facebook

The captivating charm of Le Jardin Flower Garden attracts tourists to lớn see its landscaping artistry. See this flower garden filled with romance in the air as you stroll along the 9 gardens, each having different architectural styles. Visit Eden Garden for the perfect sunrise view or the Mystery Garden that’ll pique your curiosity through rows of trees. There’s also a Vineyard that lets you discover French-inspired vineyards too. 

Cable Car

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The cable car network of Sun World is ranked as one of the 10 most impressive cable oto infrastructures worldwide. Aside from transporting you to và from the complex, it’s the perfect spot to get sweeping views of da nang và the lush jungle surrounding it. The views are more fascinating on a sunny day, so make sure to plan your trip ahead. 

Bar Debay Wine Cellar

via Sun World tía Na Hills’ website

Bar Debay is another French-inspired attraction in SunWorld cha Na Hills. This 100-meter wine cellar stores premium French wines at an ideal temperature. Have an authentic wine experience on the second floor, where you can relax as you sip wine served with pork skewers. It’s made even better with a sweeping view of the mountains.

Fantasy Park

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Fantasy Park is made for thrill-seekers. This indoor park serves as an amusement zone where visitors can play all kinds of games like đoạn clip games, car games, and even shooting games. It’s where you can also find 4D and 5D cinemas for an immersive movie experience. 

Shopping sites

via Sun World bố Na Hills’ website

Head to lớn the French Village for the shopping mall that houses various souvenirs. Her,e you can buy French-inspired items và Sun World memorabilia. There’s Fleuriste Flower siêu thị where you can cửa hàng and adore fresh and imported flowers such as roses, carnations, and sunflowers.

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Spiritual Attractions

via tía Na Hills’ website

Apart from amusement parks & iconic landmarks, you’ll also find several religious spots in cha Na Hills. There’s Stele Hall, the Holy Mother Shrine, the Linh Phong Zen Monastery, Linh Phong Stupa, Linh Tu Pagoda of the Holy Mountain Mother, Linh Ung Pagoda, and Belfry. You may also visit the Rain Sheltering Teahouse where you can enjoy a tea ceremony surrounded by scenic nature views. 


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Food Spots

There are plenty of dining options within tía Na Hills, so you’ll never have to go hungry. Kiểm tra out the restaurants below!

Doumer Restaurant

via Sun World cha Na Hills’ website

Dine in style và enjoy thắm thiết views while having a fancy dinner with European, Asian, & Vietnamese dishes at Doumer.

La Crique Restaurant and cafe Postal

via Sun World tía Na Hills’ website

Going inside this restaurant feels as if you’re in an art gallery. This restaurant and cafe offer mostly European dishes on their menu. 

Morin Restaurant

via Sun World bố Na Hills’ website

Fine dining is the theme of Morin restaurant. Dine here & get scenic views of ba Na mountains & Da Nang. 

There are more food options for every foodie in Sun World ba Na Hills! If the choices above don’t suit your fancy, here are more restaurants khổng lồ keep an eye out for:

ArapangKavKaz VistaKavKaz BakuKavKazLe LouvreBeer Garden

Best Time khổng lồ Visit

The best time to visit cha Na Hills would be during a clear day, usually during spring & summer from January khổng lồ August. It’s best to lớn avoid the rainy season, which runs from October lớn December. 


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