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Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starcất cánh is a premium contemporary address featuring 308 stylish rooms, suites và villas. Be treated to a choice of two distinctive restaurants including Horizons Restaurant – Lounge – Bar and Amber Sands Beach Club, relax at the Hoa Syên Spage authority, và stay in shape with a state of the art thể hình and two swimming pools. The kiến thiết led meeting and events rooms will provide a focal point for the perfect meeting or social sự kiện.

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Our rooms, suites và villas are remarkable for the modern kiến thiết style that expresses productivity, efficiency, và performance; comfort, warmth and relaxation; as well as moments of delightful inspiration. Set in subdued ocean và earth tones, the accommodations anchor the resort experience khổng lồ the natural environs of our stunning Bai Dai coast location.

The beginning of your happily ever after deserves the celebration of a lifetime. Enjoy our exclusive sầu offer – Weddings by IHG – lớn help you make the most of this occasion in your life.

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Reconnect with nature in one of the most pristine and unexplored areas of Phu Quoc islvà. Our luxurious beachfront with its clean fresh air sits between lush green rainforest and crystal blue water, making the resort an unparalleled retreat for relaxation, restoration và serenity for the soul.

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Stay sharp with fitness facilities và wellness options that are designed khổng lồ work around your schedule.

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