Sol beach resort phú quốc


A fantastic beachfront khách sạn on an island in southern Vietnam is an experience that awaits you at Sol Phú Quoc. Alongside the serenity of Truong Beach and set in tropical surroundings. Enjoy all the pleasures of its delicious cuisine & excellent services và facilities, including a spectacular infinity pool. A perfect destination to lớn enjoy with family và friends, or for a thắm thiết getaway that you & your partner will never forget.

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Welcome to lớn paradise

On Truong Beach, phối in a beautiful tropical garden with direct access to lớn a fabulous beach

Dining pleasures

Enjoy a wide range of international food và drinks in our different restaurants and cafes

Relaxation in the water

Rest in the spectacular infinity pool with sea views và relax in the body & Sol Spa

All-inclusive experience

Activities by day (yoga, kayaking, cookery...) và by night (live music, stargazing...)

Meetings and Events

Your event, meeting or wedding in a unique setting on the beach and with the finest services


As soon as you arrive, you will feel completely at home. Comfortable và bright room with a private balcony from which to admire the sea and the khách sạn gardens. Equipped with a kettle, bathrobe, flip-flops & a full bathroom with amenities.

The room offers an uninterrupted view of the Gulf of xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện and stunning sunsets from its spacious private balcony with outdoor seating. Its Mediterranean-style interior features details such as a rainshower, safe và Wi-Fi.

A room designed lớn allow you lớn relax and enjoy spectacular views of the sea, the pool or the gardens. It provides two single beds or a king-size bed, a bathrobe, flip-flops, bathroom amenities và an iron (on request).

Enjoy a panoramic view of the sea from the private balcony of this comfortable room. Perfect for a getaway break, rest in a stylish rocking chair or relax as you soak in the bathtub.

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Inspired by the sea, this room allows direct access to lớn the pool and the tropical gardens from its terrace. A holiday made more complete by services such as a coffee maker, welcome minibar, beach bag, kimono, flip-flops và Bluetooth speakers.

A different kind of holiday experience awaits you in Phú Quoc. A room full of details, fascinating sea views & several spaces where you can share chất lượng time with the family.

Welcome khổng lồ a magical suite. Mediterranean in style và with chất lượng views of the sea and tropical gardens, this room will become your refuge in Phú Quoc.

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Discover all the options for events at Sol Phú Quoc. Garden parties, beach weddings, unique meetings & much more. The excellent facilities và a team of expert professionals ensure everything goes perfectly khổng lồ plan.