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Ho Chi Minch City (Hồ Chí Minh) is not only the busiest thành phố in Vietphái nam with many popular attractions but also a shopping paradise for every shopaholic. Wandering around the streets of Ho Chi Minch City, you can easily find many vendors và shops that sell cheap fashion, accessories và special souvenirs. In Vietnam, street vending becomes an important part of tourism & it can be an awesome alternative sầu to lớn markets. There are a wide variety of products with styles, appearance, brands, & cost.

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If you are the first-time visitors in Ho Chi Minch City, you should know the danh sách of popular shopping streets in Ho Chi Minc City. These streets are well-known with the locals và they have a wide range of products, especially fashionable items sold at an affordable price. Many siêu thị owners are good at speaking English but some aren’t. Therefore, it is recommended taking a local friend with you when you go shopping at the best shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh. They will help you ask the bargain, recommkết thúc the suitable goods và give you some useful shopping advice. Let’s find out the shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh that can satisfy any shopaholic.

Top Igiảm giá Shopping Streets In Ho Chi Minch You Must Visit

1. Nguyen Trai Street (Nguyễn Trãi)

As one of the busiest and the most bustling streets in Ho Chi Minh, Nguyen Trai streets are packed with fancy boutiques & street vendors selling bags, dresses, shoes, và backpacks. Furthermore, on this street, you can also look for high-kết thúc items or super-cheap products based on your budget level.

The most comtháng thành quả here is fashion lượt thích clothes or footwear coming from various brands, especially the origins of Korea và Trung Quốc.

This street is crowded not only in the day time but also at night and shopping around Nguyen Trai street after 7 pm is a great experience as you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere và buy some good products for your own.

2. Le Van Sy Street (Lê Văn Sỹ)
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Different from Nguyen Trai street, Le Van Sy is a little quieter but if you are a shopaholic or it is your first time you come to lớn Ho Chi Minch City, Le Van Sy is still a worth-seeing place. Packed with multi-label stores & fashion boutiques as well as a wide range of small to lớn large shops, this street can give you a huge selection of dresses, clothing, bedding, và footwear from the comtháng brands that are often sold at affordable prices. Strolling around the Le Van Sy street, you can get the items you want for sure. Many street vendors give sầu customers the sales up khổng lồ 50 – 70% for many items. Furthermore, you can also have sầu great opportunities to taste some Vietnamese street food after a tiring shopping day. So, bởi vì not miss that street if you are looking for the best shopping in Ho Chi Minc City.

3. Nguyen Dinch Chieu Street (Nguyễn Đình Chiểu)

Nguyen Dinh Chieu is known as a famous fashion street for locals as there are many clothing shops selling clothes from cheerful to lớn luxury brands. Nguyen Dinch Chieu is also considered as a Vietnamese “footwear paradise” because strolling streets, you can easily find male shoes of famous brands and international labels. Furthermore, on this street, you can also see several shops of household appliances.

4. Hai Ba Trung Street (Hai Bà Trưng)

Hai Ba Trung is one of the popular shopping streets in Ho Chi Minch City for the decent clothing brands such as Hoang Phuc (Hoàng Phúc), The Blues, Moc Mien (Mộc Miên), Charles và Keith, Triumph & Nem, etc. The best time to lớn visit Hai Ba Trung street is in the evening when the weather is more pleasant và cooler và you can wander along Hai Ba Trung street to see the hundreds of clothing stores và shops.

Furthermore, if you visit Hai Ba Trung street, you should spend your time exploring Saigon Square Commercial Center where you can find some favorable items. This center is often crowded on Blaông chồng Friday & weekends. In Saigon Square Commercial Center, you can find an array of goods from cheap lớn high-unique ones. Therefore, it is better for you lớn check the origin và quality of products before making the purchase. The special thing about the Saigon Square Commercial Center is that it allows bargain for a good deal.

5. Ho Xuan Huong Street (Hồ Xuân Hương)

Ho Xuan Huong Street is an igiảm giá khuyến mãi place for young people who are looking for stylish and fashionable eyeglass frames. On this street, you can easily find many different sunglasses and glasses for both children & adults. You will be astonished at the thousands of glasses coming in different sizes, shapes, & colors that display on the boards. A pair of glasses are sold at from 40,000 – 60,000 VND and a pair of sunglasses are sold at from 60,000 – 120,000 VND. Therefore, it is recommended opting for the eyeglass frame và then go to lớn get the suitable lenses at a reliable optical center with certified & trained staffs.

6. Cach Mang Thang Tam Street (Cách Mạng Tháng Tám)

Cach Mang Thang Tam Street is packed with a variety of fashion shops selling shoes, clothes, accessories, phone cases, hats, scarf, and many special souvenirs. Furthermore, if you lượt thích to lớn go shopping at a night market in Ho Chi Minc, Le Thi Rieng (Lê Thị Riêng) night market is an igiảm giá khuyến mãi choice where you can find cheap commodities & consumer goods such as clothes, footwear, sunglasses, cellphone accessories, and cosmetics. Girls are happy khổng lồ try on gaudy clothes, shoes, and hair accessories while young men look for cellphone accessories và bags. To get a reasonable price when shopping on Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, you will need some bargain skills. Because of a variety of products and cheap cost, this street and its night market attract many college students.

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7. Ly Chinc Thang Street (Lý Chính Thắng)

Ly Chinh Thang street is one of the popular streets selling shoes and typical goods. Ly Chinc Thang street is packed with shoe shops coming in rich styles và different sizes. Furthermore, you can find many fashion shoes if walking along the street. Although there is a huge selection of shoes, slippers, và heels, some come in unreliable sources & have poor chất lượng. Therefore, it is better to lớn pay attention khổng lồ the product’s unique before making the purchase.

8. Quang Trung Street (Quang Trung)

Located in Go Vap (Gò Vấp) District, Quang Trung street is one of the most famous and busiest shopping streets in Ho Chi Minc city. On this street, you can find various shopping shops và malls as well as restaurants to lớn meet the demvà và desires of the shopaholics.

9. Huynh Van Banh Street (Huỳnh Văn uống Bánh)

If you like fashion with chất lượng và exceptional styles, please vì not miss Huynh Van Banh street. Exploring this street, you can get your special T-shirt and dress. Although there are a few shops lining on the street, they are worth a visit.

10. Luu Van Lang Street (Lưu Văn Lang)

While Ly Chinch Thang street is well-known for fashionable shoes & slippers, Luu Van Lang is a great choice for someone who wants lớn find beautiful sandals & sneakers. Shopping on this street, you can find the suitable footwear at very affordable price. Therefore, the shops and stores of Luu Van Lang street are the igiảm giá places for college students.

11. Vo Van Ngan Street (Võ Vnạp năng lượng Ngân)

Located in Thu Duc (Thủ Đức) District, Vo Van Ngan is the most dynamic & crowded street in Ho Chi Minc City. There are many fashion shops that sell clothes, footwear, shoes, & many accessories. After shopping along Vo Van Ngan Street, it is a great idea for you lớn enjoy a cup of coffee at coffee shops or enjoy the delicious meals in the restaurants.

12. More Other Shopping Streets In Ho Chi Minch City For Shopaholics

Besides the popular streets I mentioned below, Ho Chi Minch City also has many other shopping streets that are ideal to lớn shop for a particular type of goods.

For example, if you want khổng lồ look for great places to lớn buy souvenirs for your friends & family, you should take the tour around streets such as Dong Khoi (Đồng Khởi), Nguyen Hue (Nguyễn Huệ), Le Tkhô giòn Ton (Lê Thánh Tôn), etc. On these streets, you can find stylish glasses, postcards, plates, clothes, books, etc.

Searching for an array of various textiles at an affordable price, you should not ignore Le Van Sy, Dong Khoi & Le Thanh hao Ton where you can siêu thị for colorful và beautiful textile.

In Ho Chi Minc City, there are no particular streets selling IT appliances và electronics but you can buy these items at many retail outlets almost anywhere in this city. Vien Thong A (Viễn Thông A), The Gioi Di Dong (Thế Giới Di Động), Phong Vu (Phong Vũ), FPT, và Nguyen Kyên (Nguyễn Kim)are a few names & some of them are on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai (Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai), Cach Mang Thang Tam, and Ba Thang Hai (Ba Tháng Hai) Street.

If you are book lovers, you can take a walking tour on Nguyen Van Binch book street (đường Sách Nguyễn Văn Bình) where you can see most popular publishers in Vietphái mạnh gathering there such as Kyên Dong (Kim Đồng), Nha Nam (Nhã Nam), Tre (Trẻ), Dong A (Đông Á), etc. On this street, there are some coffee shops that often held talk shows with popular writers or book introduction ceremonies. Although the majority of books there are in Vietnamese, you can also buy books in other languages lượt thích French, English, and Japanese.

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Ho Chi Minch City is a bustling tourist destination and a shopping paradise for shopaholics. Shopping in this city can give sầu you a rewarding & exciting experience. If you are a savvier shopper, the streets I mention are the best choices. Wanting to lớn know many interesting activities và attractions khổng lồ vày & visit in Ho Chi Minch, please don’t feel hesitate to lớn go to lớn our dambritourist.vn homepage.