The 10 best restaurants near iamsaigon in ho chi minh city, vietnam

Mike Aquino is a travel writer covering Southeast Asia & Hong Kong. He lives in Manila full-time, but is perfectly at trang chính in a Singapore hawker center.

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Chef Luke Nguyen, Australian-born celebrity chef, helms the team at this luxurious restaurant offering modern Vietnamese dishes from north khổng lồ south. Traditional dishes take new life in Chef Luke hands. For instance, his take on phụ thân gio (spring rolls) uses fried lobster and wood-ear mushrooms. His banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes) are redolent with Iberico mê say and crab meat. And the braised wagyu beef cheek, a must-order, uses Vietnamese flavor bases khổng lồ win diners over.

This spacious but unassuming restaurant is devoted khổng lồ chicken—serving a wide range of poultry dishes from pho mien ga (chicken pho) to chicken drumstichồng salad lớn bean-thread noodle và chicken soup. Of course, the pho—a generously-sized bowl of noodles, chicken meat, & aromatics drowning in chicken stock—is the star of the show. In fact, local demvà for their pho mien ga has sustained Ky Dong for almost half a century, since its humble beginnings as a street pho stall. Do as the locals vì, and order a glass of sugarcane juice to wash the lot down.

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Housed in a renovated colonial villa in District 2, La Villa creates an elegant dining experience courtesy of the husb& & wife team that run the place. While Timãng cầu Trang Pyêu thích leads the front office, Chef Thierry Mounon whips up an unconventional menu that blends classical French techniques và ingredients with Vietnamese spices và flair.

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Diners at La Villa can choose lớn sit at the cozy dining hall, or outside near the swimming pool. A la carte orders are available, though the mix menus are a great way lớn get good value out of the La Villa experience.

What better way khổng lồ enjoy a favorite Vietnamese street food, than by eating it right on the street? Banh Mi Hoa Ma along Cao Thang Road serves patrons right on the sidewalk, with two variants on the classic Vietnamese sandwich.

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Order their classic banh ngươi op la, whose name alludes to lớn its eggy interior (“op la” derives from the French “oeufs au plat”, or sunny-side-up eggs). The sandwich comes with two eggs done your way, airy Vietnamese baguettes, meat, and caramelized onions and pickled vegetables and tea are served on the side. Pork pate & coffee are optional but highly recommended. Meals are cheap, costing no more than 50,000 dong per order.

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