Phú quốc dragon resort & spa

Dragon Resort & Spa

This hotel is located in the Ong Lang Area on Thuc Nha Street, centrally located near plenty of restaurants and bars. The beach is 5-10 walk from the hotel.

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Welcome to the resort
View of the garden from the room

The hotel has a nice layout with a lovely big garden as the centre and the semi-detached bungalows located on either side of the garden. The normal rooms over two floors around the pool at the far end of the resort.

The bungalows are very nice, all decorated with wooden panel. The beds are very comfortable, the bathroom are big enough, though as Asian standard the floor gets wet after a shower.

The bungalow bedroom
Bathroom with view

A mini-fridge and safe are provided, as well as a seating area at the large window and there is a bench outside to enjoy some downtime. Overall the room quality is very good. And it get cleaned every day.

The pool looked larger on the photos, but is big enough to swim, with a children section at the far end. They clean the pool on a regular basis. There are plenty of loungers around the pool. So overall a nice addition to the resort.

The resort pool
Pool and garden

The included breakfast is served next to the pool. the buffet covers some hot items like rice, pork etc. There is also a station for pancake, pho and omelette (they do fried eggs as well). The omelette was very good. In addition they serve toasts, baguette, cheese, jam, cold cuts and fruits. So overall you have a good variety. Perfect for a start to the day.

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They have a restaurant at the front of the resort, but I never went there.

The staff is also very friendly and helpful, always happy to provide assistance.

The offer motorbike rental for 200.000 Dong via an agency next door. Check the tyres and brakes.

I found the late check-out slightly overpriced, 50% for staying 3.5 hours longer.

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Overall it is a nice place to stay – comfortable rooms, nice breakfast, helpful staff and a good price. Though if you want to be next to the beach, you might want to look for another place as the beach is 5-10 minutes away. They apparently offer a shuttle to the beach, but it was out-of-order for the whole week I stayed.