Shop At Hanoi'S Best Night Markets


Hanoi is one of the most crowded cities in Vietnam. Back in the day, most people went to work & school và did not have the time to lớn wander around and siêu thị for clothes or shoes. For such reason, several night markets were established after business hours và had since become part of the local"s tradition. Let’s check out the seven most famous night markets in Hanoi.

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1. Old Quarter"s Night Market


Hanoi"s Old Quarter is one of the famous night markets in Hanoi. It is not only a lively area but also a tourist attraction. It is special to lưu ý that this market only opens on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday nights. The length of the market area is about 3 KMs from Hang Dao Street khổng lồ Hang Giay Street. Additionally, almost every hàng hóa can be found in this area, but at prices between some tens và hundreds of Vietnam Dong. Besides items of clothing, pieces of jewelry, decoration items, and handicrafts are also reasonably priced. With roughly VND 10,000, you could buy three pairs of socks. The garments are between VND 70,000 - VND 300,000.

In sum, numbering over 4,000 stalls, Old Quarter’s Night Market is a walking và entertaining area for both Hanoians and foreign visitors.

2. Linh nam giới - Hoang Mai Night Market


In the daytime, vegetables and a variety of fruits are sold. From 8 PM to 1 AM, there are a vast amount of articles of clothing, footwear, & cosmetics displayed at approximately VND 50,000 - VND 500,000. The products are attached lớn beautiful labels, come in multiple sizes, & have a wide range of selections. However, most of them are priced higher than the original values. For such reason, customers have khổng lồ bargain as low as possible. For example, a t-shirt costs about VND 50,000 - VND 100,000, và a pair of shoes is VND 100,000 - VND 150,000.

3. Phung vùng - Thanh Xuan Night Market


Phung vùng Night Market is very popular among college students in Hanoi. As usual, vegetables & foods are sold in the daytime while clothing, footwear, & cosmetics are available in the evenings. With prices around VND 50,000 - VND 100,000, you could buy a t-shirt. For VND 120,000 - VND 180,000, customers can get a pair of female jeans, và VND 200,000 - VND 250,000 for male jeans.

The xuất hiện hours are nightly throughout the whole week, but it is extremely busy on the weekends.

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4. Dich Vong - Cau Giay Night Market


The target audience of this market is students. The main products are clothing, footwear, & bags. Since students are the main customers, the prices are quite low.

The market opens every night. Same as the other night markets in Hanoi, Dich Vong provides vegetables và food for the locals. However, apart from the fixed prices displayed, most of the prices are higher than the original, so the customers have lớn bargain for a good price. For example, a handbag costs roughly VND 70,000 - VND 150,000, and a watch for under VND 100,000.

5. Nha Xanh- Cau Giay Night Market


Another student market is Nha Xanh. It stands out as one of the night markets selling the cheapest items in the city, which makes it great for bargain seekers doing their Hanoi shopping. The products are similar lớn the other night markets with clothing, footwear, handbags, và cosmetics but it opens from the early morning lớn late night. With the prices between some tens to some hundreds VND, the majority of items here are imported from China. There is a variety of packages và sizes but low quality. Hence, customers have lớn look into the products carefully.

6. Long Bien Night Market


One of the most dynamic markets that need to lớn be mentioned for your Hanoi shopping is Long Bien Night Market. This is where the majority of fruit and food traders gather và pick up their items from the suppliers. Starting from 11 PM to lớn the early morning of the next day, this fruit market brings a very joyful và exciting feeling for every visitor to lớn experience the local routine. Not only can we see the buying and selling activities, but we also catch the moments when a person sleeps in the boxes or uses a cardboard cover as a blanket. It is an opportunity for tourists to lớn understand how hard the life of the locals is.

7. Quang tía Flower Night Market


Quang bố is the leading market for flower trades in Hanoi. Coming to this night market, you will have a chance khổng lồ see a variety of flowers together with hearing the welcoming voices of friendly sellers. Although the market opens throughout the whole day, nighttime is the busiest for seeing the dynamic trading activities. There are people who visit Quang bố early morning at 2 - 3 AM just to get first pick at the freshest flowers available. It would be an exceptional experience if you could visit the market at this time before the sun rises.

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Summary ofthe top 7 Night Markets in Hanoi

Night markets in Hanoi bring a very different dynamic in comparison with the day ones. Visiting Hanoi night markets is an opportunity khổng lồ see the other side of the locals where people skip the ideal sleep time to work overtime. They work hard in the daytime and even harder at night!

Do you have any Vietnam shopping experiences you would lượt thích to share? Let us know in the comments.

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