Mai Chau

Few destinations better capture the spirit of Vietnam than Mai Chau, a valley of incredible culture và impossible lushness. In this harmony of patchwork rice paddies, soaring mountains and unbridled forest, the ancient life of the Vietnamese continues as it always has – at a charming snail’s pace punctuated by the thrill of the harvest.

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About Us

15 Years Experience
Travel Responsible
Environment protection
Culture Preservation
Eco Accommodation EXPLORE


The 43 rooms of Mai Chau are steeped upon a flower-lined hill in the village of na Phon. Each spacious offering is synchronised with the beat of its surroundings through local wood, palm leaf and stone, all combining in the evocative kiến thiết of Mai Chau’s ethnic thai stilt houses.

üLuxury Bedding

üPrivate Balcony

üWooden Bathtub

üOutdoor Shower

üBuilt from Renewable Materials

üPowered by Green Energy


Facilities và Services

Find a refined tranquillity both outside and inside our walls. This luxury eco-accommodation in Mai Chau offers several avenues for your relaxation, spread across a restaurant, spa, swimming pool and two bars.

Take a seat inside the burnished, wooden interior or on the wide balcony outside, as Mai Chau’s long-developed flavours match the appeal of stretching rice fields backed by a forested hill and a dramatic range of mountains.

Clean, glistening water lined with palm trees & sun loungers, faced by a long bar stocked with local and international favourites.

Local masseuses dip you into a world of soothing, tribal therapies and established local remedies, ensuring that your explorations around Mai Chau are rewarded in serene fashion.


Mai Chau is forever tied to the world beyond our foothills. In this land of extraordinary nature, our tours & eco-activities help to unveil Mai Chau’s hidden green corners to lớn guests willing lớn find them.

At the kết thúc of a long và tiring adventurous trek, you might yearn for that restful sanctuary where you can relax your body, rejuvenate your mind và energize your spirit. Mai Chau can be a welcoming retreat that promotes feelings of calm, rest and relaxation at any time of the day.Our pool where guests will be able to find a sense of relaxation that will also take away their stress và pressure after having a dip in the natural pool.

With us, you can choose to vị as much or as little as you like. The many tribal villages scattered around Mai Chau makes for fascinating hikes. It is great to get into the natural rhythm of local life.

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Mai Chau is so peaceful & so green. By cycling, you can admire this idyllic setting without leaving any negative impact. It is fantasic to cycle on tiny, tranquil paths winding across a sea of green rice. Fun & joys guaranteed!

The bầu are well known for their folk dances in traditional costumes. What"s more attractive than watching a folk dance performance while enjoying the local rice wine. Surely, you can join & these ladies will lead your steps.

After a day filled with activities, you will definitely feel revitalized with our skilled masseurs who are all local peple. They got professional training in Hanoi after being recruited into our team.

Special Offer

These inclusive packages offer an intensive experience of Mai Chau, offering up a land of wild green and a stay at one of Vietnam’s top eco-accommodations.

Latest News

From information about Mai Chau khổng lồ travel advice about our stunning destination, the Blog opens up the world of Mai Chau through easy-to-read articles.

The emerald valley of Mai Chau is located in the northwest of Vietnam. It crowns the beautiful province of Hoa Binh, which is also home to parts of Cuc Phuong National Park, Pu Luong Nature Reserve and Hoa Binh Lake.

With a somewhat limited accommodation offering in this area, the Mai Chau would be the best option for a comfortable stay. There are home stay options available if this suits your sense of adventure and budget.

Mai Chau will be at stand AS560 at the World Travel Market in London, which exhibits the best of accommodation, tours và destinations in 2019. At the 3-day market, we will be connecting with travel enthusiasts and experts looking for the next big thing in the world of travel.

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