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Welcome to lớn Mercure Danang French Village Bamãng cầu Hills, a unique khách sạn in Vietphái nam. This 4-star hotel in Danang, nestled in the scenic mountain range of the Bamãng cầu Hills – which came khổng lồ recent world renown since the opening of the famous Golden Bridge in 2018 – delivers the very height of service, relaxation, diversion, and natural beauty. At 1,487 metres above sầu sea cấp độ, Mercure Danang French Village Bamãng cầu Hills is graced with a stunning view of the surrounding natural landscapes và the vibrant đô thị of Danang below. The hotel’s design is inspired by 19th century Gothic architecture & offers an idyllic setting above sầu the clouds for family vacations, business trips, &, especially, lãng mạn getaways.

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The elegant rooms are all lavishly decorated in the French Gothic colonial style and all feature spectacular views of the beautiful Bana Hills. The rooms are fully furnished và equipped with the highest quality electronics, appliances, & fixtures to ensure a relaxing, rejuvenating & memorable stay.

Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills has 11 different restaurant, bar and coffee cửa hàng options that provide a wide variety of sumptuous cuisines, desserts, & libations. From authentic local fare, to lớn fusion selections, lớn gourmet European dishes, there is something khổng lồ satisfy any palate.

The resort features myriad recreational activities as well. The fitness centre has top-unique exercise machines, cardio equipment, và không tính phí weights, with our expert staff on hvà lớn help you plan your optimal workout. You can enjoy a game of pool or billiards, table tennis, or mini golf in our game room. You can also have a refreshing swyên ổn in our four seasons swimming pool, which is temperature-controlled for your comfort.

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For guests seeking an opportunity to relax, our khách sạn in Da Nang offers plenty of options for that too. When the mood strikes, enjoy a revitalizing session in either the Jacuzzi or saumãng cầu. Indulge yourself with a mát xa in our spa làm đẹp, featuring talented therapists who are highly trained in both modern Western và traditional Eastern practices. Our spa làm đẹp also offers a variety of beauty treatments for your hair và skin lớn leave you feeling beautiful, inside và out.

We also have spaces for special events, for which our dedicated teams provide planning and catering. There are variety of different open, outdoor spaces và indoor function rooms that can accommodate anywhere from four lớn a thousand people. For any type of event – be it a business conference or a wedding – we will be devoted khổng lồ its success.

The Gothic architecture & the luscious tropical surroundings of Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills provide an ikhuyến mãi setting for romance. In that spirit, we have many couple’s packages on offer. These all-inclusive packages will ensure that you và your companion have sầu the perfect lãng mạn getaway.

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Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills has many blessings – from our gorgeously styled architecture, lớn our luxurious French colonial rooms, to our state-of-the-art amenities, to our spectacular setting in the picturesque Bana Hills mountain range. We kindly invite you to lớn experience a relaxing stay at our 4-star khách sạn in Danang và tóm tắt in the blessings of one of Vietnam’s finest locations.

Check-in time : 14:00 pm – 16:30 pmCheck-out time : 7:30 am – 10:30 amBreakfast time : 6:30 am – 9:30 am