“Good morning” is a commonly used word for greetings in English. However, Vietnamese speakers only say “Good morning” in certain situations.

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In this lesson, you’ll learn how to lớn say “Good morning” and when to lớn use it.


How lớn say “Good morning” in Vietnamese

“Good morning” in Vietnamese is Chào buổi sớm.

Chào is the standard word of saying “Hello” in Vietnamese.

Buổi means “period” or “session”. It can be used khổng lồ refer to the period of the day or class period.

Sáng means “morning”. Therefore, buổi sáng literally means “morning period”.

How to lớn pronounce “Good morning” in Vietnamese

Southern Vietnamese has 5 different tones. All the tones can be placed within the 3 ranges: low, mid và high pitch.

Chào has a downward tone, which starts from a mid-range pitch, slowly falls & ends at a low pitch, denotes a low-falling tone (left lớn right).

Buổi has the question tone, which starts from a mid-range pitch, shortly falls lớn a lower pitch before bouncing up khổng lồ a mid-high pitch.

Sáng has an upward tone, which starts from a mid-range pitch, rises & ends at a high pitch, denotes a high-rising tone (left khổng lồ right).

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When to say “Good morning” in Vietnamese

In daily conversations, Vietnamese speakers simply say Chào + pronoun to lớn greet each other, regardless of the time of the day.

The phrase Chào buổi sáng is mostly used khổng lồ greet a group of people.

For example, when arriving at the office in the morning, you can say Chào buổi sáng khổng lồ greet all of your coworkers who are already there.

In another instance, when visiting someone’s house in the morning, you can Chào buổi sáng khổng lồ greet all the family members that are there.

Take note that you should only say Chào buổi sáng when it’s morning time around 3 am to 10 am.



Saying Hello in Vietnamese lượt thích a native speaker

How lớn say “Good morning everyone” in Vietnamese

Since Vietnamese people mostly say “Good morning” to a group of people, you can also use the phrase “Good morning everyone” instead.

1. Chào buổi sáng sớm các người

Mọi người literally means “everyone” in English.

This phrase can be used when greeting a group of strangers or people that you’re not cthất bại with & requires some degree of formality.

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2. Chào buổi sớm cả nhà

Cả nhà literally means "the whole family"

This phrase can be used when greeting a group of people that you’re cchiến bại lớn or comfortable with.