Every travel guide khổng lồ Vietnam has already convinced you to lớn visit the magical town of Hoi An in Central Vietnam. Now, you’re browsing the mạng internet for where khổng lồ stay và perhaps feeling overwhelmed by all the options.

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The best place lớn stay will be different depending on what you are looking for. Fortunately, Hoi An offers it all, a busy tourist centre, beachfront serenity, và rustic rural settings. For instance, there’s a range of accommodation options in each area that will suit all budgets: family, honeymooner, backpacker, luxury, and budget.

Therefore we think the easiest way to decide where to stay is to first break down Hoi An into three key areas: Hoi An’s Old Town, the nearby beaches, and the surrounding countryside. When choosing an area to lớn stay in Hoi An, it’s important lớn remember that this is quite a small tourist town & very well set up for tourists. So whatever location you choose, nothing here is too isolated. A 10-minute taxi ride will take you from the Old Town lớn the beach with the countryside lying halfway between the two. So don’t be afraid to lớn venture a little further afield as there are some real gems to be found.

The rural settings allow the real feel of Vietnam, and are within easy reach of other activities. For something different, providing self contained, luxury accommodation, a modern kitchen with ingredients in your own vegetable garden, a pool, and the tranquility lớn plan your holiday on your own at your own pace, see Oryza – Rural Hoi An.

Hoi An has accommodation options khổng lồ suit all tastes and budgets

Below is Hidden’s guide to lớn the three distinct areas of Hoi An, so you can decide what sort of experience you would like when you visit. We’ve highlighted some of the best accommodation options in each area to lớn suit your budget along with some of our team’s favourites—the Hidden Gems.


Old TownLuxury Accommodation in Hoi An Old TownMid-Range Accommodation in Hoi An Old TownBudget-friendly Accommodation in Hoi An Old TownHidden GemBeach Accommodation in Hoi AnLuxury Beach AccommodationMid-Range Beach AccommodationBudget-Friendly Beach AccommodationRural Hoi An AccommodationLuxury Accommodation by the Rice FieldsOryza Villa – AirbnbMid-Range Accommodation in Rural Hoi AnBudget-Friendly Accommodation in Rural Hoi An

Old Town

Easy walking/cycling distances ✓ No taxis required lớn get in và out of the Old Town ✓ Shops/restaurants/heritage sites on your doorstep ✓ Experience life in the Old Town at many different times of the day ✓ Pop back khổng lồ your khách sạn easily for a siesta/swim 

Accommodation options surround Hoi An’s Old Town. The bulk of it is understandably not within the ancient town itself but on the edges, still an easy walking distance lớn the Old Town itself. So you won’t need taxis when you’re based here! You can take your pushbike anywhere or just put one foot in front of the other along the pedestrian-friendly streets.

Colourful fabric and painted conical hats worn in Hoi An Old Town. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

You’ll be spoilt for choice with places to shop, explore, eat & be pampered while based in the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage Site—the reason why most tourists visit Hoi An. Food choices are endless, you can experience a different cuisine every day, multiple times a day, right at your fingertips.

What Can You vày in the Old Town?

You can cửa hàng for art & garments in converted old merchant houses, then take your shopping back lớn your accommodation to không tính tiền up your arms for more. Stroll the ancient town at your own pace, visiting the museums và old Chinese assembly halls conveniently every day. Get some clothes tailored, then take a nap, have a massage or take a dip in your khách sạn pool, & once you’re refreshed, you can start all over again.

Hidden Hint: Choose one of the many riverfront hotels for the best views of the Old Town, but be cautious of your proximity to the river during the rainy season (Oct to lớn Dec) as large areas of the Old Town are at risk of flooding. Kiểm tra out our weather article for the best times to lớn visit.

Staying in the Old Town means you can experience life here at all times of the day. So you can visit the Central Market first thing in the morning và watch the city come lớn life. After that, you can kết thúc your day watching the city và its lanterns at night, drinking a locally crafted beer, overlooking the river. Then just wander back lớn your khách sạn when you’ve had your fill. Because this location indeed allows you to maximise your holiday time.

But in high season, the number of tourists can get overwhelming in the Old Town. So if you’re looking for a more relaxed vibe, this area may not be for you. As soon as you come out of your hotel, you will be back in the thick of it all.

Cyclo rickshaws drive through the lantern filled, ochre-toned streets of Hoi An. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Luxury Accommodation in Hoi An Old Town

Anantara Hoi An Resort

Address: 1 Pham Hong thai Street Location: 3,500,000 VND (153 USD) – 9,900,000 VND (430 USD) Check availability and book now

94 rooms and suites designed with French, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese influences that mimic Hoi An’s cultural diversity with elegance. The Anantara Resort is located three blocks away from the Central Market and an easy five-minute walk to Hoi An’s Old Town. Similarly, enjoy the lush garden or airy river views from your room’s beautifully designed balcony/porch. Dine-in any of the three in-house restaurants including Art Space a new art and dining concept area and the home of Hoi An’s only delicious wood-fired pizza. Then restore at Anantara Spa, all in a boutique atmosphere with superb staff.

Luxury and attention lớn detail on offer at Anantara Hoi An Resort. Photo: Antonia Lira

Mid-Range Accommodation in Hoi An Old Town

Allegro Hoi An

Address: 86 Tran Hung Dao Street Location: Minh An. Rate/Night: 2,800,000 VND (124 USD) – 7,800,000 VND (340 USD) Book Now

Mosaic và wooden accents welcome you into this luxurious hotel, ranked highly by guests on TripAdvisor. A recent addition to the accommodation scene here, the Allegro Hoi An has five types of suites all with bathtubs & balconies và is also walking distance to Hoi An’s central attractions. But just off the main street making it blissfully quiet. In addition, you enjoy the sumptuous breakfast, lantern-lit swimming pool, and deluxe treatment of their professional và friendly staff.

A traditional red Ao Dai and conical hat worn by the Allegro Hoi An staff. Photo: Antonia Lira

Budget-friendly Accommodation in Hoi An Old Town

Green táo apple Hotel

Address: 36 Phan Dinh Phung Location: Son Phong. Rate/Night: 700,000 VND (30 USD) 1,190,000 VND (52 USD) Book Now

With city views from the rooms’ balconies, you’ll enjoy being a 10-minute walk away from the Old Town. This khách sạn is located in an authentic Vietnamese neighbourhood close khổng lồ the popular Tiger Market. The Green Apple hotel has a beautiful pool to cool off in, an unlimited breakfast buffet, & welcoming staff.

The reception & breakfast buffet at Green Apple hotel Hoi An. Photo: Antonia Lira

Hidden Gem

Vinh Hung Emerald

Address: An Hoi Location: An Hoi Island. Rate/Night: 1,500,000 VND (65 USD) 2,500,000 VND (108 USD) Book Now 

The style và location of this mid-range khách sạn give you the best of both worlds. The Vinh Hung Emerald is located conveniently in An Hoi, on the banks of the Thu Bon river, in a relaxed tropical setting. Above all its main drawcard is that from this peaceful setting, you can walk to the Old Town easily in just over 5 minutes.

The pool and garden area look across lớn Cam Kim Island with unspoilt panoramic views of the river. So you can watch local boats traverse the river from the comfort of your sun lounger. This is an older style resort but well maintained, và the rooms are spacious & well appointed—all have balconies. We recommend if your budget allows, that you consider an upgrade to an Emerald Suite on the second floor. This will give you twice as much space và your own private terrace for even more peace và quiet.

In addition, there’s a không lấy phí daily river cruise from the khách sạn jetty that will take you into the Old Town và a mini local food market with không lấy phí and delicious local food by the water every night.

Beach Accommodation in Hoi An

Only 5kms from the Old Town ✓ Cooler temperatures on the coast ✓ Experience sunrise and sunset at the beach ✓ Escape the hustle of the Old Town ✓ Luxury resorts are located here

If you want to combine relaxing on golden sand with culture, history, & yummy cuisine, then Hoi An is the perfect place to bởi so. With only five kilometres separating the Old Town from the beaches, you can spend your mornings by the ocean, the afternoon exploring the town, và head for drinks and dinner back at your neighbouring beach restaurants & bars. Read our overview of Hoi An’s beaches here

Sleeping with the sound of the ocean as a backdrop và seeing the sun’s reflection in the water when you wake up, means you can save the Old Town’s hustle for after breakfast. However, if you visit during the hotter months (June lớn August), having a sea breeze & the ocean so easily accessible khổng lồ cool down in, is an ultimate drawcard.

Palm trees frame the view of An Bang beach in Hoi An. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Why Stay at the Beach?

The majority of the large luxury resorts are here at the beach, & there are some fantastic outdoor beachside venues with stunning sea views. Local seafood restaurants dot the coastline where you can eat fresh seafood caught right from the nearby ocean. The larger resorts have miễn phí regular shuttles into the Old Town, or you can hire bikes to lớn get there cycling for approximately five kilometres. But kiểm tra the weather forecast before you head out.

All the key ingredients for ultimate relaxation are here at the beach. Drinking tropical fruit smoothies, reading a book in a sun lounger, having a mát xa in your hotel spa & then nhảy barefoot in the sand lớn live music from the many outdoor bars và restaurants.

Hidden Hint: You’ll likely have a better experience in the morning when the waters are clearer and the sands are less crowded.

If you are the kind of traveller who is looking for a more authentic vibe we would not suggest staying at the beach, it has all the westerner’s amenities, but a lack of Vietnamese flair và culture.

Heading to the Old Town from the Beach

If you want lớn head into the Old Town, you’ll need lớn plan your day well. Sights such as the historic houses và museums are at least five kilometres away, so if you forget something or need lớn go back lớn your hotel to rest, it can be a bit tiresome.

To get into the Old Town, you can get a xe taxi (Grab works in Hoi An) lớn get back khổng lồ your accommodation or rent a vehicle: motorbikes cost around 80,000 khổng lồ 100,000 VND (3.5 khổng lồ 4.5 USD), while bicycles cost about 50,000 VND (2 USD). Many of the resorts will lend you bicycles, but if you visit Hoi An in the rainy season (October khổng lồ December) prepare your raincoat & a bath for when you get back to lớn your room. Equally, avoid riding during the hottest hours of the day as the heat can be intense.

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Many resorts in Hoi An will offer access khổng lồ the beach along with private swimming pools. Palm trees are reflected in the beautiful pool at Victoria Hoi An. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

An Bang Beach

An Bang is the most popular beach, has the most tourists, and offers the most food options. You can rent a beach chair from any of the local vendors or get one for không lấy phí with your food and drinks at any of the beachfront restaurants. Kiểm tra out our in-depth article here.

South An Bang Beach

South of An Bang, there’s a beach with a more chilled atmosphere than its neighbour. Salt Pub and Kahuna’s Beach Club are some of the standout spots here. It is only a short walk down the beach from An Bang’s main entrance, but that makes all the difference to the numbers of beach-goers & atmosphere.

Early morning jogger runs past the Cua dẻo beach sandbags. Photo: wnfdiary

Cua dai Beach

Cua dẻo is the closest beach to Hoi An but much less frequented. Unfortunately, the beach has been affected by erosion & typhoons, losing a massive part of the sand area, và what remains is protected by massive sandbags.

Behind the sandbags, you’ll get khổng lồ bathe và play in the mild waves, enjoy the shade given by the palm trees, & lay in white sands whilst enjoying coconut water & frequenting a good variety of cuisines. If you’re staying at the Victoria Resort (see below), part of the beach is reserved just for you. For more detailed information, kiểm tra out our Cua dai Beach article here.

Hidden Beach

If you really need your own space then make your way to Hidden Beach. You won’t find any sellers asking you to buy souvenirs here. Simply sit back and enjoy in the sunbeds (and get không lấy phí parking) whilst enjoying fresh seafood from the family-run Hidden Beach Restaurant. It’s a tiny part of the stretch of beaches but definitely worth it if you’re looking for peace and tranquillity. Check out our Hidden Beach article here for more information.

Fishing boats and basket boats at sunrise at the beach in Hoi An. Photo: wnfdiary

Luxury Beach Accommodation

Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa

Address: Au Co, Bien Cua Dai Location: Cua dẻo Beach. Rate/Night: 3,000,000 VND (130 USD) – 6,800,000 VND (295 USD) Book Now

Famous in Hoi An for nearly 20 years for its design, ambience, và heavenly beachfront swimming pool, The Victoria Hoi An is laid out as a replica of a traditional fishing village with small streets, water ponds, & village houses. The rooms are modern and elegantly decorated combining Japanese and French elements, with traditional Vietnamese touches, each has its private balcony.

There’s an array of watersports on offer, a private beach, two outdoor tennis courts, a kids club & an extensive danh sách of treatments available from their on-site spa. They even offer sidecar tours from the hotel’s collection. Their restaurant, L’Annam, overlooks the sea, and there are three bars, a library, and a pool/games room. The Sunday buffet here is a beautiful experience and is incredibly good value. A regular không tính phí shuttle bus operates between the khách sạn and the Old Town.

A birds eye view of the pool at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa. Photo: Marko Randelovic

Mid-Range Beach Accommodation

The Beach Little Boutique hotel & Spa

Address: 19 Lac Long Quan. Location: Cua dẻo Beach. Rate/Night: 1,500,000 VND (65 USD) – 7,270,000 VND (316 USD) Book Now

Praised for its superb service và attentive staff, who can speak English, French, và Vietnamese, this boutique hotel is designed with Hoi An’s charm in mind. What you can get from this khách sạn for your money is what made it our mid-range vị trí cao nhất pick. Little Beach Hoi An Boutique hotel has two private sections of the beach reserved for their guests with their beach clubs & also has in-house restaurant, bar, gymnasium, spa, & comfy rooms with balcony and sea views. Khổng lồ compensate for being a bit far away from town, they offer a fixed scheduled shuttle service four times per day.

A photograph of the well-designed rooms at Little Beach Hoi An Boutique Hotel, Hoi An. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Budget-Friendly Beach Accommodation

Under the Coconut Tree

Address: #7 Hamlet An Bang. Location: An Bang Beach. Rate/Night: 184,000 VND (8 USD) – 920,000 VND (40 USD) Book Now

Get your tropical feel inside the bamboo walls of Under the Coconut Tree. Stay at the dorm or at any of the 12 bungalows which have the comfort of a khách sạn but with a chilled atmosphere, connected khổng lồ nature và beautifully decorated with lanterns among the greenery. Walk for no more than two minutes, & you’ll be at the beach enjoying the ocean, then you can pop back khổng lồ clean off the sand in the outdoor shower.

Two minutes walk from the beach, Under the Coconut Tree offers bungalows & dorms at An Bang beach. Photo: Antonia Lira

Rural Hoi An Accommodation

More authentic Vietnamese experience ✓ Laidback and tranquil ✓ Ride through mazes of rice paddies ✓ Watch a farmer go about their daily work ✓ Meet the local Vietnamese people

Away from the Old Town và the beach, the true essence of Vietnam awaits. The expansive rice fields with roaming water buffalo & local Vietnamese families that have lived here for generations, go about their daily chores here. Immerse yourself, breathe in the fresh air, and relax in the calm atmosphere of where Hoi An’s produce is grown. It is an accommodation away from the bulk of the tourists. Most people save the rural areas of Hoi An for a morning or afternoon bicycle ride, but these countryside lanes hold much more than what you can experience in just a couple of hours.

Why Stay in the Countryside?

If you are a laidback traveller wanting lớn spend time in tranquil accommodation in which you can watch life go by, this is the area for you. The lifestyle here is quiet, so you can enjoy riding through the maze of rice paddies, watch or even help a farmer with their daily work, & play with the local kids. Above all, you’ll get a much more authentic experience of the Vietnamese lifestyle by staying here.

The sun sets over Hoi An rice fields. This is the beautiful view from GreenLife Homestay in Hoi An. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

The range of accommodation here skews towards the mid-range lớn budget end. If you want high-end resort luxury, this may not be the area for you. Together with this, there are fewer bars và restaurants here. So you might need your transport or hire a taxi to lớn get your choice of food & drink. Luckily, many of the homestays will provide bicycles for their guests. It’s under a 15-minute xe đạp ride into the Old Town from most areas.

Cam Thanh

A district in itself, Cam Thanh offers a phối of rural lifestyle và traditional Vietnamese houses. All in a slightly more developed area than other parts of rural Hoi An. There are many expat families who have relocated here. Wandering its streets you can find local eateries, temples, coffee shops, and of course, expansive rice fields. You can take one of the traditional round coconut boats out to see the water coconut farms. Watch local fishers cast their nets lớn get fresh shrimp, that can then be prepared for you to eat on site.

Rural areas of Hoi An offer peace, tranquility and unique accommodation to visitors. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Only three kilometres away from each, you’ll be right in between Cua dai Beach and the centre of Hoi An. You can choose from a decent amount of homestays & mid-range smaller resorts still with in-house restaurants và spas.

An My

Rice fields that seem to go on till the horizon & friendly villagers are the icons of this area. You’ll easily find a peaceful getaway here in An My & a room with green scenery out your window. It might be harder to lớn find other amenities on foot, such as restaurants, pubs và mini markets. But if you stay closer to lớn the Cua dai Road end, things get a lot busier.

Tra Que Vegetable Village

The little village of Tra Que alongside the Ho River is around one và a half kilometres from An Bang beach và four kilometres from the Old Town. By staying here, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful sunrises và sunsets and uninterrupted views. There is less construction in this area. Wander around the green herb squares & observe how the warm-hearted farmers work. Without any chemicals or pesticides during their growing process. Similarly, you can choose from any of the family-owned homestays và villas & then let them show you their way of living. After that, you can relax on the balcony of your room overlooking the beautiful organic gardens.

A Vietnamese lady wearing a conical hat makes her way through rural Hoi An. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Cam Kim Island

Until recently, the only way of getting to Cam Kim was by ferry. But a newly constructed bridge has made it more reachable, and it is now really close lớn the city—a comfortable bike ride away. Because of the previous lack of access, the area’s development has remained much less than in the Old Town proximities.

If you are the adventurous type of traveller & the term “off the beaten path” is the mantra you live by, then Cam Kim island is the place for you. With only one homestay listed on, this area might look as if it has nothing to lớn offer. But it’s the essence of Vietnam that lies here. So you might need to use the old-fashioned way of physically going khổng lồ Cam Kim, to lớn find alternatives of where to stay by roaming around. But we can assure you that in Hoi An, this is as local as it gets. For instance, eat local food at local prices from a hammock overlooking the river. After that you can observe the wood carving workshops Cam Kim is most famous for, & discover little temples between farm sites.

Clouds reflected by the calm waterways surrounding Cam Kim in Hoi An. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Luxury Accommodation by the Rice Fields

Oryza Villa – Airbnb

Address: Cẩm Châu, Hội An Rate/Night: 3,500,000 VND (151 USD) Book Now

If you want lớn get away from the vibrancy of the Old Town, and would prefer your own pool and a relaxing drink, to lớn the bustle of the Beach or old town, Oryza Villa should be your choice. Oryza is a fully self-contained one bedroom boutique villa. Your own massive bedroom, indoor garden, and kitchen/living room, with rice fields on all sides. You can unwind with a lazy late breakfast, or a sunset dinner, with purchases from the many markets, or pick vegetables from your private garden. Providing you with ultimate privacy & uninterrupted 180-degree views of the sea of rice that surrounds you, Oryza showcases an authentic rural Vietnam. Seclusion is a short xe đạp ride from everywhere in Hoi An.


Allamanda Estate

Address: Dong mãng cầu Hamlet, Cam Ha Commune. Location: Cam Ha. Rate/Night: 3,480,000 VND (151 USD) – 3,800,0000 VND (166 USD) Book Now

With couple & family villas, each fitted with private open-air bathrooms, The Allamanda Estate provides exceptional luxury in the heart of the rice fields. For instance, take a walk around the gardens and lotus ponds. Then take a bath in the outdoor bathtub, and indulge with massages at their spa. The Allamanda has a quality rustic charm with a focus on taking care of your every need. Their professional staff will bring peace to your stay in Hoi An.

The Allamanda Estate in Hoi An has a pool và villas that mở cửa right onto the rice fields. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Mid-Range Accommodation in Rural Hoi An

Christina’s Hoi An

Address: Tra Que Vegetable Village. Location: Tra Que. Rate/Night: 966,000 (42 USD) – 5,750,000 VND (250 USD) Book Now

Wake up to the sunrise over the rice fields in the spacious, modern và beautifully designed rooms of Christina’s Hoi An. Guests rave about the “home feel” of the không lấy phí breakfast, và they cater well for vegans too. You can enjoy lunch on one of the sunbeds by the pool. Then ride one of the complimentary bicycles around the area where local farmers grow herbs & vegetables.

Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Rural Hoi An

Rice Field Homestay

Address: 52A Le Thanh Tong. Location: Cam Chau.

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 Rate/Night: 460,000 (20 USD) Book Now

Stay with a British expat and a local Vietnamese woman in their home in the peaceful Cam Chau district. You’ll have the comfort of spacious double bedrooms with your private balcony, & delicious home-cooked breakfast. Rice Field Homestay guests rave about the attentiveness & welcoming feel of the hosts Mike and khô giòn as they will give you tons of local secret spots khổng lồ explore in Hoi An.