Ho bỏ ra Minh body has still in perfect condition since 1969 when he passed away. Many visitors come to Hanoi and want khổng lồ see his body by eye và many things you may don't know about Ho đưa ra Minh. Let's read this article to get more information.

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1. How important of Ho đưa ra Minh

As you Ho đưa ra Minh was found of Viet Minh (later Vietnam Communism Party). He spent all his life to vps national và people. Local people love him very much & call his very familiar name "Bác hồ - Uncle Ho." Many visitors bởi vì not know before he passes away. Ho đưa ra Minh requires that my body be cremated, and his ashes are divided into three regions in Northern, Central, and Southern of Vietnam, wishing Vietnam will be united one day. However, khổng lồ honor his outstanding dedication to the country and the love of all Vietnamese for him, the Politburo decided khổng lồ preserve his body so he could see the country reunited and the next generations can visit him (especially Southern people và international visitors). Vietnam and trung quốc also had mausoleum for President Mao. It's also supported by Soviet Union's "Lenin Lab" khổng lồ preserve founding leaders.

1.1 Story before Uncle Ho passes away

In May 1967, after his 77th birthday, President Ho bỏ ra Minh's health showed signs of deterioration. The Politburo held an extraordinary meeting chaired by First Secretary of the các buổi party Central Committee Le Duan. The conference decided khổng lồ continue to lớn try its best to lớn take care of Uncle Ho's health. Also, prepare to preserve the toàn thân for a long time (after he passes away). The conference also agreed that it must ensure absolute keep secrecy. Otherwise, the people would worry, và Uncle would criticize & disagree with the implementation.


Ho chi Minh mausoleum building

At the same time, several good medical staff must be selected and sent khổng lồ the Soviet Union lớn study the science of preserving corpses. The Politburo agreed lớn assign the Central Military Commission & the Ministry of National Defense to take on this particular task. According khổng lồ the original plan, making construction drawings and designing the construction organization was intended to lớn last 12 months from a dry season of 1972 & finish in dry season 1973. However, in 1972, the US imperialists bombed the North, so the construction was postponed. The plan restarts on September 2nd, 1973, & opens on August 29th, 1975. Và Ho bỏ ra Minh toàn thân move from Đá Chông (Sơn Tây) Hanoi lớn mausoleum. (About 50km from the thành phố center)


Ho chi Minh mausoleum opens

From 1969 khổng lồ 1975, the body toàn thân of President Ho bỏ ra Minh moved a total of 6 times due to lớn many other reasons & conditions. It needs to be kept very secret all the time because American troops also try khổng lồ find the body. It would have been the best bargaining tool khổng lồ force Vietnamese soldiers lớn release American POWs if they had captured it. The Vietnamese knew this và kept Ho's body toàn thân hidden in an underground chamber deep in the jungle. After 1975 the peace returned lớn Vietnam. The mausoleum opens và attracts a lot of visitors come lớn visit the mausoleum and see his body.

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2. Ho đưa ra Minh mausoleum body toàn thân is real or fake?

This is an exciting question. Many international would not believe it is real. But with us, we have been there many times. We still think it is the real one. If you still bởi not think so, please visit & experience it by yourself. You will find the answer.


Ho chi Minh mausoleum body

2.1. Ho đưa ra Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi opening time

Location: 25 Hung Vuong, tía Dinh, Hanoi Opening days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday (Closed on Monday và Friday) Opening hours: Seasonal: April 1st lớn October 31st: 7.30 a.m – 10.30 a.m (Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays: 7.30 a.m – 11.00 a.m) November 1st to lớn March 31st of next year: 8.00 a.m – 11.00 a.m Entrance fee: không tính phí Phone: 024 3845 5128 Every year mausoleum will close for two months, from September khổng lồ November, for maintenance.

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2.2. Ho chi Minh mausoleum dress code

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