25 best massage parlours and spas in saigon


If you would like lớn get laid in Saigon và learning the best places where to find sexy girls hot for action, this guide will help you out.

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Saigon is a big đô thị with a lot of entertainment & beautiful girls but it is kept secret from the unaware foreigners.

You should enjoy your time in Saigon, instead of worrying about where lớn go, what lớn vị, và most importantly how to vị it.

This guide will give you an understanding of the P4P scene (Pay for Play scene) in the thành phố & how khổng lồ find intimacy with everyday girls.

This Saigon Sex Guide was last updated on 22 December 2020

Spoiler Alert: Due lớn the Corona Virus pandemic, it’s not possible lớn visit Vietnam.

On the bright side, you can find several Vietnamese girls streaming live that offer naughty girlfrikết thúc experiences.

Alternatively, you can try your luchồng with some horny lady in your đô thị untill the COVID emergency is over.



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Intro to Sex Tourism in SaigonGeneral information about Saigon sex culture

Where khổng lồ Find Girls For Sex in SaigonAn overview of the best places và ways to get laid

Typical Costs + TipsGeneral prices in Saigon to help you budget your adventure

How to Get a Sugar Baby in SaigonSugar dating & dating tips

Intro To Sex Tourism In Saigon

You can find sex in many cities around Vietnam giới. But Saigon has the largest population & the most options when it comes to lớn sex venues.

There are several red light districts with girls aggressively promoting their services. It’s hard don’t get tempted when walking down the streets…


Hot Tocs are barbershops with a twist, they don’t do any hair cut but only massages & blow jobs.

Don’t expect beautiful or young girls, but you can get a wet head job. The standard rate is 400k Dong, và you can touch the girls anywhere.

Walk down Nguyen Phi Kkhô hanh Street, you’ll find about 10 Hot Toc.

5. Saigon Street Girls

At night it isn’t hard to lớn find working girls in the street of Saigon. The most popular areas are Bui Vien Street và the alleys of Little Japan.

If you walk near a park và a girl on a scooter approaches you, she is a prostitute trying khổng lồ hook you up. Parks in Saigon are notorious places lớn find working girls.

The ongoing rate for a short time is anywhere between 400k-500k.

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However, I recommend visiting a brick và mortar place if you want to engage the services of a prostitute. Street girls in Saigon tover to lớn make problems.

Typical Costs

Sex: The prices in Saigon start at 400k dongs for a mát xa and BJ in a Hot Toc (Special barbershop). You can get a full erotic mas sa for 1.4 million dongs in the spas.

Escorts charge 800k dongs per hour, but you get better value by hiring a freelancer from the nightclubs for about 700k dongs all night.

There also street girls offering sex for 400k dongs, but be careful because they are thieves and liars.

The best way lớn get laid is khổng lồ meet civilian girls online và take them for a meal before the deed.

Accommodation: Many hotels in Saigon aren’t girl-friendly, so make sure lớn ask before booking.

A cheap place khổng lồ stay is the Galaxy Boutique. It’s walking distance from Bui Vien nightlife và cost 400k dongs per night. I had about 7 guests in 4 days và was never given a second look.

For more privacy, rent an apartment on Airbnb for 300k dongs per night. Léman Luxury work well especially if you plan khổng lồ hook up with civilian girls. They think you are living there, not a sex tourist.

Food: Plenty of delicious street food & local restaurants that are dirt cheap. You can eat a dish for 30k dongs và a full meal for 70k dongs.

For international cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant budget 700k dong per person.

Transportation: The less you move sầu in Saigon, the better. The traffic is horrific. From the airport lớn the city center the standard fare for a oto xe taxi is 150k dongs.

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Independent motorxe đạp taxis cost a few thous& dongs & provide useful information to lớn find girls for sex. But if you know where to go, you better use Grab.

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