Saigon (Ho Chi Minch City) is famous for the diversity in a cultural combination of different ethnics. Some areas have sầu been established for a couple of centuries, and despite the developed modern world, they still keep their historical aspects reflected in many ways of life. And Cho Lon - the largest Chinatown in Vietnam giới - is one of the oldest, busiest & most authentic towns for those who are looking for another side of Ho Chi Minh Cityin casual daily life.

A Brief History of Cho Lon


The Chinese immigration lớn Saigon began a very long time ago. There are many sources recorded differently the time Chinese people first arrived in Saigon & established Cho Lon (or called Tai Ngon in Cantonese). It was believed that in 1679, some traders from China had already come and started their business in this area. However, it was not until the early 1770s when a small community of Chinese ran away from a Vietphái mạnh civil war in Pho Islet (Cu Lao Pho) lớn this place that the area was officially formed và became crowded.

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Many men at that time were rich from their business at Cho Lon. They did many types of business mostly trading và built many architectures which have become famous attractions of the đô thị today like the Fine Arts Museum và Binc Tay Market. Another interesting fact not very well-known to many people is that Cho Lon used to be a separate thành phố from Saigon. It was due to lớn the urbanization from 1930 lớn 1950 that a part of the old Cho Lon and Saigon were gradually merged.

Cultural Attractions in Cho Lon

The area of Cho Lon town covers District 5, District 10, District 11 and District 6. Cho Lon today is not only famous for its flourished trade but also a huge tourist spot thanks khổng lồ many historical và cultural attractions. Even though having been residing in Vietphái nam for several centuries, the culture of Chinese people ("nguoi Hoa" in Vietnamese) in Cho Lon still lasts after many generations, & there is no sign of diminishing. The Chinese community built schools, pagodas, và markets which created huge impacts on Saigon’s economy & culture.


Cho Lon is well-known by many old temples in District 5 & District 10 which are typical of Chinese style architecture, such as Thien Hau Temple on Nguyen Trai Street, Nhi Phu Temple on Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street, & Quan Am Pagodomain authority on Lao Tu Street. Cho Lon is also trang chủ lớn other religions like Islam và Catholicism that are still practiced in worship places such as Cho Lon Mosque on Nguyen Trai Street and Jean d’Arc Church on Hung Vuong Street. Besides, another place you must see in Cho Lon is the Fito Museum on Hoang Du Khuong Street. It is a museum displaying several kinds of old Chinese and Vietnamese medicine.

Cuisines in Cho Lon


The Chinese are famous for their cooking skills which makes beautiful, savory, và delectable dishes. There are plenty of restaurants in Chinatown that last through the decades & still reserve their own secret recipes. You can easily find these dishes both in local restaurants & on the streets lượt thích roasted duchồng, noodles, dumplings và many kinds of desserts, especially in District 5.

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It is not hard to lớn notice that the cuisines of Chinese people are always full of colors & nutritious at the same time. Even though they also prefer rice as their main staple like Vietnamese, they cannot go without the soup & noodles in every meal. The noodle that you find in Cho Lon has many different types, not only with beef lượt thích Pho. You can try the spicy noodle at Quang Ky on Trieu Quang Phuc Street or Phieu Ky on Nguyen An Street.

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There are also several local restaurants with a wonderful combination of traditional Chinese and Vietnamese food, such as Pho Le (Noodle with beef) in District 5, Com Tam Tu Map (Broken rice) in District 10, and Bun Cha Ho Guom (District 5). Besides, because the main population follows Buddhism, Chineses residents also have sầu several vegetarian dishes using vegetables và tofu.

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Shopping and Other Activities in Cho Lon


With Binh Tay Market at its heart, Cho Lon is where you can find goods with low prices in many wholesale và retail shops. Comtháng items are usually silk, lantern, clothes with woven textiles, và tropical fruits from Mekong Delta. You can have sầu a walk around the Chinatown while enjoying street foods & the sound of the surrounding crowd.


Cho Lon is also a trading center, besides the local wet markets, there are also wholesales markets of steel, chemical products as well as textiles and sewing material (Dai Quang Minch & Dong Khanh khô Trading Centers) as well as shopping malls (Parkson Hung Vuong, Garden Mall, và An Dong Plaza). You can do some clothes shopping at these centers or go khổng lồ the cinemas and arcades in the malls for leisure.

At night, there are also some exotic bars, pubs with local beer for tourists that you may try lượt thích Lang nuong Nam Bo (BBQ) on To Hien Thanh Street, Quan Con Co (beer restaurant) on Tran Binch Trong Street, and Hongkong Kungfu Noodle Knhị Ky on Ha Ton Quyen Street.

Summary on Cho Lon: Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City

Cho Lon or Chinatown in Ho Chi Minch City is the harmonized mixture between Vietnamese & Chinese culture. It is lit up by traditional values và long history.

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