Book Bus Ha Giang To Sapa Night Or Day Bus

Sapa is one of the must - see places when you travel to Vietnam. It is not only famous with beautiful moutain, rice terrace but also the cultural characters of ethnical people which you hardly find from other places in Vietnam.

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Ha Giang is a province, located in the North - East of Vietnam. Nowadays Ha Giang with Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark is become a highlight tourist place in Viet phái mạnh which is attractive lớn many travellers all over the world. The distance from Ha Giang to lớn Sapa is about 250 km , it takes6 hours getting there.
Going to lớn Ha Giang from Sapa is a new routine which makes your trip is easier và shorter. Book the ticket with Vietnam Local Bus, you dont need to worry anything because:
- Vietnam Local Bus has tương tác with many good buses at the bus station, you will not have to worry aboutgoing khổng lồ bus station by yourself.
BUS SCHEDULEPICK UP TIMEARRIVAL TIMEPRICESAPA lớn HA GIANG10.0016.0025 USDINFORMATION- Pick up: FromSapa bus station- Drop off: Bus station in Ha Giang- Duration: 6 hours.- Bus type: Seating bus
HOW IT WORKS- 10.00: Our driver picks you up from Sapa bus sattion then takes 6 hours to Ha Giang. On the way, we have 1 times for shortbreaks for bathroom. You also can find you some snacks for breakfast there on your own.- 16.00: Arrived in Ha Giang, get droped of here, journey finishes.PRICE: 25 USD/ PERSONIncluded: Bus ticket to Ha Giang.Excluded: Insurance, meals , drinks, tip khổng lồ guide, personal expenses.
Hotel in Sapa – Lao Cai bus station - Bao Yen district – Nghia bởi district(shortbreak) – Bac quang đãng district – Ha Giang bus station (last stop).
HA GIANG lớn SAPA9.3016.0025 USD
INFORMATION- Pick up: FromHa Giang bus station- Drop off: Bus station inSapa town- Duration: 6 hours.- Bus type: Seating bus
9.30 - 10.00 am: we pick you upat Ha Giang bus stationthen you get on seatting bus heading khổng lồ Sapa. It is 6 hours from Ha Giang khổng lồ Sapa including 1 stop on the way for stretching your legs và bathroom. You will arrive in Sapa after 6 hours, this bus will drop you hotel in Sapa town. Finish your bus journey.

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PRICE: 25 USD/ PERSONIncluded:bus ticket from Ha Giang lớn Lao Cai, car/ xe taxi from Lao Cai khổng lồ SapaExcluded: Insurance, means , drinks, tip to guide, expense personalBUS ROUTINE HA GIANG to lớn SAPAHotel in Ha Giang – Bac quang district – Nghia vì district ( shortbreak) – Bao Yen district – Lao Cai thành phố – Sapa ( last stop).
Here is the answer that all travellers want lớn know: There are 4 different ways lớn get to lớn Ha Giang from Sapa:
You can rent motorbike in any travel agencies in Sapa to lớn slowly driving to Ha Giang & back . For a good chất lượng for roads motorbike, it costs about 10 USD per day which can be for 2 people sit on. You should drive slowly to enjoy landscapes and stop for photos shooting on the way.
Note: You should give your passport to agency, read the contact carefully & choose good motobike, furthermore you should kiểm tra careful with their mechanic service conection in case your motobike is broken on the way.!!! Warning: You should be carefully before renting because roads from Sapa to lớn Ha Giang are very dangerous with traffic jam.
You can book và join a tourist bus from companies who organise tours From Sapa to Ha Giang but it really depends. Because tour from Sapa to lớn Ha Giang is not popular. Therefore, sometimes you can book - sometimes you can not. & it can be cancelled in a short advance when they cant collect enough customers to make their tour run.
This option seems to lớn be the most convenient one for you if you have a group of at leasts 3 - 4 people join with you. If not, it is kind of very expensive to go alone or too small group.
You can take a taxi to Sapa bus station lớn book ticket. Bus timetable is very flexible. Purchasing bus ticket by yourself, it means you have lớn arrange everything you bởi vì by yourself: taxis, liên hệ driver, finding the right bus among hundreds buses in station... It is not very easy when you dont speak the language & local people here don’t speak English too.

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!!!Warning: - At bus stations, there are many gangster men who are willing lớn cheat you to lớn get you on a terrible or wrong bus, you have no idea where you are going to as you can not communicate lớn local people. Till you realise it, you are far away from the big city. - There are a lot of buses, neither vì you know them, nor vị they know you. If there is anything happens khổng lồ your belongings, you have noone to lớn ask for help.- During festivals time in Vietnam (Independence holiday, King ceremony holiday, New Year holiday...), local people often plan their holiday in advance. Bus tickets fully booked very soon. Therefore it is difficult for you lớn purchase ticket by yourself if you have a narrow plan.PROMOTION:- Get discount 5% per person if you book on group of 5 people.- Get 10% for next bookings of our bus tickets bellow: