Gracie R

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My name is Gracie và I am 5 years old. My birthday is July 14th. I was diagnosed when I was 1 yr old. My mommy and Daddy still love me as much as ever though. I would lượt thích a tomato seat because I"m getting too big for my highchair and I don"t always lượt thích to sit in my wheelchair. Although it may seem sad how I am, I always put a smile on Daddy"s và Mommy"s faces. I"m their ray of sunshine! Thank you for visiting my Kiddie Pool page & helping me reach my goal!

Fun facts about Gracie:She loves... Eating, getting attention, listening khổng lồ music, being held & loved on, being talked to. Her favorite màu sắc is... Pink

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Gracie needs a Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter with smartphone Base. This provide the tư vấn she needs & will give her another comfortable seating option besides her wheelchair.


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