Tia Wellness Resort

Newly-refurnished resort on the waterfront Spage authority & wellness services are included in the room rate Idyllic pool suites and villas with all-day dining


TIA Wellness Resort – A new name brings a distinctive resort experience for travelers. Formerly named Fusion Maia Da Nang, TIA Wellness Resort has been serving its first guests since 2008 with the unique spa-inclusive sầu concept and received tons of compliments and reputation. Coming up with the new idea và mission in 2021, TIA (means “ray of light”) does not simply stop at providing relaxing spa service inside a luxurious premise by the stunning natural landscape, the resort focuses on improving và maintaining travelers’ well-being and creating a real worry-miễn phí vacation for you.

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Located on Vo Nguyen Giap boulevard along Bac My An beach – one of the most famous streets in Da Nang, TIA Wellness Resort undoubtedly takes the heart of all beach enthusiasts. You can easily get to lớn TIA Wellness by car or taxi at a 15- or 20-minute driving distance from Da Nang Airport or Train Station. With this ikhuyến mãi location, you have enough peace and serene moments for a resting trip but cannot miss out on the typical attractions like Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, Cmê man Museum, or 4 famous bridges of the thành phố.

Service và facilities

TIA Wellness Resort contains the most necessary modern facilities and services of a true 5-star resort. You can feel the peace while immersing in the clear water of 2 swimming pools or delight your taste buds at 2 restaurants and a bar with a varied thực đơn. Morning breathing or Taichi is a nice beginning of your day at TIA Resort. After a long day wandering around the beach and exploring the đô thị, pampering yourself at TIA spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp & wellness treatments is such a perfect way khổng lồ heal your toàn thân and get ready for the next adventures.Moreover, customer service is a valuable property of TIA thanks to the informative sầu, active, & helpful team members. Feel free lớn ask them for help, you will be assisted at their best.

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1 swimming pool Free WiFi Airport shuttle Family rooms Beachfront Bar Private beach area BBQ facilities (Additional charge) Terrace Garden Kids' club Water sport facilities (on site) Library Games room Fishing Off-site (Additional charge) Golf course (within 3 km) (Additional charge) Dry cleaning (Additional charge) Laundry (Additional charge) Yoga classes Fitness Hot tub/jacuzzi Massage Spage authority and wellness centre Sauna Snack bar Bar Restaurant

Room & Amenities

TIA Wellness Resort is an all-villa establishment with modern architecture. All villas have sầu a private pool & include one khổng lồ three bedrooms in each. There is a nice balance of interior and exterior space, making a bright airy space khổng lồ chill out. Travelers will find it very relaxing with a comfortable bed, private bathroom with both bathtub & standing shower, some have sầu a jacuzzi, a living room, & especially all floor-to-ceiling doors possibly watching the pool & a green lush garden.

Room TypeMaximumSize
One-Bedroom Pool Villa3 adults / 2 adults, 1 children106 sqm
Two-Bedroom Spage authority Villa6 adults / 4 adults, 2 children212 sqm
Three-Bedroom Grvà Beach Villa9 adults / 6 adults, 3 children403 sqm


What sets TIA Wellness Resort apart is the mission of not only providing a good spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp experience during travelers’ stay but also equipping useful knowledge & up-to-date tools for a long-lasting healthy lifestyle after their vacation. Coming lớn TIA, you will temporarily forget the usual routine and approach a new way of breathing, eating, & exercising in order to awaken your creativeness & inner power. In short, from stylishly designed accommodation to lớn healthy and quality service, TIA truly elevates customers' resort experience much further.

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Food & Drinks

Apart from a lot of options from local, traditional Vietnamese, Asian or Western cuisine in 2 restaurants, you can take advantage of all-day breakfast khổng lồ have some best moments with your friends or families by the pool, on the beach, or inside your chic villa. Specially, you have a chance khổng lồ enjoy a plant-based thực đơn, using well-selective organic ingredients, providing a healthy diet but abundant energy.For the serene minutes of the day, grabbing some snaông chồng bites, sipping some cocktails at the bar, and listening lớn music will nicely over your day at TIA Wellness Resort.