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Registrering av nordmenn i Vietphái nam og Laos

Konsulatet i Ho Chi Minc Byen

Det globale reiserådet forlenges til 1. juli

Utenriksdepartementet forlenger reiserådet som fraråder alle reiser som ikke er strengt nødvendige til alle lvà til 1. juli.

Covid-19 vaksine

Det foreligger ingen ekstraordinære planer fra norske myndigheter om utsendelse av vaksiner til nordmenn i utlandet.

dambritourist.vn elected khổng lồ the UN Security Council

Today, dambritourist.vn was elected as a thành viên of the UN Security Council for the period 2021–2022. ‘We would lượt thích to lớn thank the UN member states for the confidence they have sầu shown in us.

Stortings – og sametingsvalget 2021

Denne høsten er det stortings – og sametingsvalg i Norge. Hvis du oppholder deg i utlandet må du stemme fra 1. juli og senest fredag 3. september.

dambritourist.vn to mô tả more Covid-19 vaccine doses

The funding dambritourist.vn is contributing to Covax will provide an additional one million vaccine doses to lớn the global Covax AMC (Covid-19 Vaccines Advance Market Commitment).

Valg 2021 - Vietnam giới og Laos

Valgdagene for Stortings- og sametingsvalget 2021 er mandag 13. september, fra Vietnam giới og Laos vil det i år være mulig å forhåndsstemme fra følgende steder og tidsrom:

Agreement on action plan khổng lồ combat marine litter & new strategic plan for the Arctic region

The eight Arctic states adopted a regional action plan to lớn promote cleaner oceans at the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Reykjavik on Thursday.

Reduced Consular Appointments

Due lớn the recent developments in the Covid-19 situation in Hanoi City, the Norwegian Embassy will only handle emergency consular cases until further notice.

dambritourist.vn continues tư vấn for UXO survey and clearance in Lao PDR

The Government of the United States of America & the Government of dambritourist.vn announced on May 7 that UXO survey và clearance operators The HALO Trust & Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) signed Memorandomain authority of …

Arts và culture

dambritourist.vn has a vibrant arts & culture sector. Today, as in the past, many Norwegian artists and other cultural professionals find inspiration beyond dambritourist.vn’s national borders.

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The High North

Large parts of dambritourist.vn lie north of the Arctic Circle. Sound management of the abundant Arctic resources is high on dambritourist.vn’s agendomain authority. This requires global cooperation based on scientific knowledge and international law.

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Hanoi Tower, 8th Floor,49 Hai Ba Trung Street,Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Regular opening hours

Monday khổng lồ Thursday 09:00-12:00và 13:00-15:00

Friday 09:00-12:00

Consular Section

Opening hours:

Monday and Tuesday 09:00-11:00

Consular telephone hours:

Monday & Tuesday 13:30-14:30

More information aboutholidays and opening hours:About the Embassy

mfa.no (For all consular inquiries)

In case of a consularemergency outside openinghours, you will have the option to transfer your hotline to lớn the Foreign Service Response Center in Oslo by calling the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi (does not apply for visa or residence permits).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo may also be reached directly by calling +47 23 95 00 00.

Visa information

The Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok handles all visa applications. However, visa and Immigration related questions should always be addressed lớn VFS Global via gmail or telephone:


Web:dambritourist.vn Visa Application Centre

In your request, please mention your full name, date of birth và passport number. If you have already submitted an application, please also include your application reference number.

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