Khu Du Lịch Đại Nam


Located about 40km from the center of Ho chi Minh City, dẻo Nam Wonderland is a large tourist destination suitable for people on weekends who want to escape Saigon.

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Dai nam giới Wonderland is a tourist area located in Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province, Vietnam, which was started construction in 1999 và officially opened lớn welcome guests in 2008.


This place has many records, such as the largest tourist area in Vietnam, the longest wall, the largest temple, the highest artificial mountain, the largest artificial sea, and the first opening-designed garden in Vietnam.

Dai phái mạnh Tourist Area

Dai nam giới Wonderland is in Thu Dau Mot town, Binh Duong City, 40km north of Ho đưa ra Minh city. With an area of ​​more than 450 hectares, the dai Nam tourist area is one of the largest tourist destinations in Vietnam, with an investment of about 6,000 billion VND. The scene of dai Nam Van Hien has a sea, lake, river, mountain, hotel, & entertainment area. A wall implying the endless beauty of Vietnam surrounds this place.

Address: Highway 13, Hiep An, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh DuongOpening hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pmPhone: 02743 845 878, or 02743 845 845Website: (just in Vietnamese)

Entrance fare khổng lồ visit dai Nam Wonderland:

Entrance ticketAdultChild
Sightseeing gate100,000 VND50,000 VND
Beach gate200,000 VND100,000 VND
Zoo gate200,000 VND100, 000 VND

Note: The above is a reference price list. To lớn know the exact price, you can see the map available at the ticket booth lớn select the area you like to choose tickets matching up with each zone.

What is in dẻo Nam Wonderland?

1. Temple area

This temple is the largest one in Vietnam, built in the ancient architecture of the Ly Dynasty (1009 – 1225) with a round-square motif (symbol of Yin-Yang). In the temple area, there are many chất lượng architectural works, but the highlight is two buildings: Thanh Van Gate and Kim Dien Gate.

a. Thanh Van Gate (Three-door Gate of Green Cloud)


Thanh Van Gate locates in front of dai Nam Quoc Tu. Above the gate are parallel sentences praising the Vietnamese river by tác giả Huynh ngớ ngẩn Cong.

The architecture of Thanh Van Gate is made of wood. In front of the gate are a tram station và an ancient-style communal house on both sides covered with green tiles. Behind the doors is a series of corridors depicting 54 Vietnamese peoples.

From the main entrance, you will cross the Ngoc Bich bridge và Ngoc Bich lake. After crossing these ones, you will reach the gate of dẻo Nam Quoc pagoda.

The temple campus is wide of 5,000m², and the stairs go up with 9 levels. Lớn get to dẻo Tu (major temple) on the high position, you have khổng lồ climb these steps. Luckily, behind the temple is an elevator for the disabled and the elderly.

The hallway surrounding the pagoda is paved with large size stone imported from Spain. Besides, 28 sets of doors are made of precious wood. On the doors are engraved with the images of the 28 founding periods of Vietnam. All the above carvings are inlaid with the real gold. In the gilded area, visitors can not cảm biến the artifacts which are preserved.

In front of the main hall is a large lake with 54 water sprays, presenting 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. The large part of the lake in front has a water music system, used for festivals & important shows.

b. Kim Dien (Golden Temple)


Kim Dien is designed as an ancient Vietnamese architecture with an area of ​​5,000 square meters, with the main materials of wood, stone, and gold.

The three-storey main temple dedicates lớn the Buddha, King Hung, & King Tran Nhan Tong.

The two sides are statues of President Ho đưa ra Minh, General Tran Hung Dao, & Mother Au Co, all gilded. Below is a table of 54 ethnic groups & more than 2,000 Vietnamese families. Also, the temple doors are carved with historical and folk tales of the country.

The two sides outside the temple are statues of Thanh Giong và the famous general Ly Thuong Kiet riding the gilded horse. Lớn enter the temple, tourists must wear socks without shoes.

2. Racecourse

The racetrack area in the dẻo Nam tourist area is the first complex project in the sports field in Vietnam. The racecourse has a combination of 5 types: horse racing, motorcycle racing, go-kart, jet-ski, and fly-board performance.

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All the infrastructure of the racetrack is built according lớn safety standards. Typically, go-kart is the basic step khổng lồ participate in professional F1 racing, which the first appeared in Vietnam. This place attracts a lot of tourists to lớn see it because of its unique và novel.

3. Zoo

Although Thao Cam Vien in Saigon is the first site to lớn feed the animals in Vietnam, dẻo Nam Zoo is the first opening zoo. Here the animals are not locked in barns but freely released in the captive grounds, separated from tourists by streams and trees.

The spacious zoo of 12.5 hectares has about 100 species of animals, including trắng Lion, trắng Rhino, white Tiger, trắng Peacock, Zebra, Turtle, Giraffe, Hippo, Indochina Tiger, South- American Monkey, Fire Panther, Deer, and Sword-Horned Antelope. However, the small animal gardens are locked & separated by glass panels.

4. Artificial sea

Dai phái nam Wonderland also owns a really impressive artificial beach, attracting a large number of families. Their children come here to have fun and immerse themselves in the clear xanh water on holidays.

This sea is the largest man-made one in Vietnam with an area of ​​nearly 2.3 hectares, a total water surface area of ​​20,000 square meters, the length of the coast is 1.4km. The waveform systems can create waves up khổng lồ 1.6m high, giving visitors the most genuine feeling lượt thích in the natural sea.

In addition to the sea area, there are also castles surrounded by water và small islands.

5. Amusement park

At the dẻo Nam tourist area, you can spend time at the amusement park area with more than 40 games at many different levels, such as super-speed roaster, crash boats, snow world, cable swinging, five-lion palace, Phoenix palace, and 4D movie. All meet the fun needs of all ages.

The large gaming area and its various game types here promise khổng lồ bring you the best moments when coming to dẻo Nam Wonderland.

What to lớn eat in the dai Nam tourist area?

In dai Nam Wonderland, you can choose khổng lồ eat by yourself (bring food) or eat at the restaurant system.


Here, serving nearly 100 different dishes that are very diverse and attractive, from simple fast food, such as grilled sausages, fried fish balls, và fried beef balls to specialties and high-quality seafood.

Revealing a little experience for you, if you vì chưng not want to lớn eat at restaurants inside the wonderland, you can choose to lớn explore delicious local dishes in Binh Duong nearby.

In Binh Duong Province, you can enjoy famous specialties, such as Banh Beo Bi, puffy sticky rice with chicken, grilled-on-tile beef, shrimp vermicelli, mangosteen salad, and beef dipped in fish sauce.

When is the best time to lớn travel to dai Nam in Binh Duong?

Because dai Nam in Binh Duong is very large, traveling & sightseeing will take you a lot of energy in the hot weather. Therefore, the best time khổng lồ travel to dai Nam is from September to the end of the year.

Besides, you should avoid going on public holidays, such as 30 April (Reunification Day), 1 May (International labor day), và 2 September (Independence Day). It is the time when people all over the country are off so that this place is very crowded. Sometimes leading to lớn overload make your fun less enjoyable.

The terrain of dẻo Nam Wonderland is huge và monumental, so it is not good to move from one area to lớn another by walking. You can rent bicycles, electric bikes, or use a train to be less tired and more convenient.

And finally, you can move from the center of Ho bỏ ra Minh city to the dai Nam Van Hien Tourist area by many different means. Rent a private in Saigon khổng lồ travel lớn there is much easier và more comfortable for international guests.

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Now, you know what to lớn play in dẻo Nam Wonderland in Binh Duong. Then, range time to lớn travel with all members of your family to lớn this tourist area.