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Tac Say Church is one of the impressive attractions in Bac Lieu province. This place is associated with touching stories about the life of Father Truong Buu Diep, who made great contributions lớn Catholics in this area. Nowadays, hundreds of devotees & tourists visit this place every day.

ByThomas|Official Bac Lieu Visitor Guide

Tac Say Church – Where to See in Bac Lieu

1. Better lớn Know as a Tourist


Spend-time:One hour (approx)

Hours:Dawn – dusk



Parking lot:Yes


Address:Located right on National Highway 1A, 37km from Bac Lieu in Hamlet 2, chảy Long Commune, Gia Rai District, Bac Lieu Province.

Added values:Tac Say Church, also known as thân phụ Diep Church – The most famous church in the Western region. Coming to Tac Say church, in addition to visiting the grave of Father Truong Buu Diep, people can admire the unique architecture of the Catholic church, one of the most beautiful churches in the western provinces.

Nearby attractions và hidden gems:Looking for places to stop on your way to & from Tac Say Church? Ghositaram pagoda (42 km), Xiem Can Pagoda (52 km), Cong Tu Bac Lieu House (39 km), Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary(44 km), Vinh Hung Ancient Temple (53 km), Bac Lieu market (39 km)…

2. Travel Guide toTac Say Church

Tac Say Church – Where lớn See in Bac Lieu

According lớn local elders, the name Tac Say is because in the past, there was a small shortcut road that passed through the church, lying among the reeds as Say, pronounced by Southern people, gradually turning the “Shortcut” sound into “Tac”.

Tac Say Church was considered a branch of the Bac Lieu religious family in the past. Initially, this place was evangelized by Father Jules DUCQUET, a French priest. After that, Father founded four sects in the Western region, including the Bac Lieu family.

In 1925, Tac Say church was established.In August 1926, Father Paul Tran Minh gớm was appointed as the first parish priest of the church.In March 1930, Father Francis Truong Buu Diep returned to lớn the new office lớn replace Father Kinh.During his stay, Father Diep moved the church from the inside khổng lồ the facade as it is now.Father Diep is also a person with great merit in the formation and development of Tac Say church.

Tac Say Church – a place associated with a famous figure – Father Truong Buu Diep, a priest who is considered a saint because of his sacredness, blesses those who believe and pray.

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There are different anecdotes about Father’s death as well as the story of Tac Say church.But all say that Father Diep is a courageous man who dares lớn sacrifice his life to protect others.

Father Truong Buu Diep, a priest who is considered a saint because of his sacredness

With the contribution of the public, religious teachers at trang chủ and abroad, Tac Say Church has just been restored & built many new spacious items, not only a place of pilgrimage for local people but also a place of pilgrimage for local people.Spiritual tourist destination for many domestic & foreign delegations lớn pilgrimage and worship.

3. What to bởi vì –See – Eat atTac Say Church

The church has a strange và unique architecture consisting of 3 floors, the ground floor is a place for guests to lớn rest, the 2nd & 3rd floors are the place to lớn celebrate Mass with a very large foyer.The sanctuary, which is a place of worship, is also decorated with delicately sculpted precious woods, making the sacred atmosphere more solemn.

Diep’s father’s resting place has the architecture like a building with three large roofs, the middle roof has a large clock lớn create a highlight for the building.Built according to Asian architecture but still has the beauty of Vietnamese culture.This work has the same shape as the old temples of the Vietnamese people, but has been renovated & renewed accordingly.

Father F.X Truong Buu Diep Pilgrimage Center is the work built after the above works.The building is quite large.This is the place to lớn store documents about Father Diep.The ground floor of the building is where you can visit.In addition, there are also souvenirs that you can buy as gifts for your loved ones.Above are the rooms for the accommodation of pilgrims.If you need to pray or ask for Mass, you can visit here to tương tác here.

Traveling to lớn Bac Lieu, everyone sincerely prays for peace, brings people peace of mind, serenity, eliminates worries & daily worries with the desire to create for each person.people a peaceful, good, tolerant và compassionate life.Every year, especially on March 11 và 12, a large number of people from many places come to pilgrimage and visit Tac Say Cathedral and Father Diep’s grave.

On weekdays, the church has 3 Masses: 5:00 am, 9:00 am & 5:00 pm.On Sunday, there is an additional Mass at 7:00 am.

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