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Cao Bang – Vietnam (Travel guide). Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang province.

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Information about Cao Bang How lớn get khổng lồ Cao Bang Weather in Cao Bang Accommodation in Cao Bang Interesting sites in Cao Bang map of interesting places

Cao Bang is one of the least populated provinces in northern Vietnam.

Cao Bang province (Cao Bằng) with its capital of the same name borders trung quốc on the east of northern Vietnam. There are approximately 550,000 inhabitants in this province. A lot of people are from the ethnic groups such as Tay, Nung, Dao & Hmong. Cao Bang province belongs lớn the one of the poorest region in the north of Vietnam, but nature is fascinating & you should definitelly visit this place if you are already in the north of Vietnam.

Practically the entire province of Cao Bang is dotted with hills & villages.

Tinh Tuc Tin mine (Mo Thiec) in Cao Bang province.

The area of Cao Bang is a little bit forgotten by foreign tourists.

Cao Bang is mainly mountainous with spectacular scenery & good trails for trekking & exploring the ethnic minorities in the surrounding villages. In the winter snow fall is possible & there will be freezing conditions in the mountains of Cao Bang province, so be prepared with appropriate clothing.
These rice fields you will see almost everywhere in Cao Bang province.

Cao Bang has several important points of historical significance.

Accommodation in Cao Bang

Pac Bo Historical Site include – Coc Bo cave, Lung Lan, Nguom Vai, the house’s floor of Mr. Ly Quoc Sung, Le Nin spring, Cac Mac mountain, Gooc Mu field, mãng cầu Chang, Khuoi phái mạnh hut, memorial house of Ho đưa ra Minh president, etc. It is also very easy to lớn get there by motorbike from Cao Bang town, road is in a good condition.
Pac Bo historical site in Cao Bang province. Km 0 marker of the Ho đưa ra Minh Highway.

Cao Bang province will ofer various amazing sceneries almost everywhere.

If you are traveling on a motorbike in Cao Bang, you have the advantage of being able khổng lồ go outside the main road. However, not everywhere there are roads in a good condition, but these sceneries are beautiful, some of them you can find near the main roads, I highly recommend such places khổng lồ visit.
Cao Bang offers various scenic areas, this is Phong Nam, about 5 km from Trung Khanh town.

Soc Ha in Ha quang đãng district – another spectacular views close to lớn Pac Bo.

Many visitors of the historical site Pac Bo, north of Cao Bang town, usually only visit this place. However, if you have a time and want to see an interesting agricultural area full of rice fields và beautiful mountain sceneries without tourists, I recommend lớn travel about 10 km west of Pac Bo lớn Soc Ha (Sóc Hà). This area consists of several smaller villages and lies practically on the border with đài loan trung quốc near the thành phố of Pingmengzhen.

Accommodation in Cao Bang town (good reviews):

▶️ Cao Bang Eco Homestay▶️ Jeanne Hotel▶️ Max Boutique Hotel▶️ Duong Ha Hotel▶️ Primrose Homestay Cao Bang▶️ RuBy Motel

Sóc Hà in Hà Quảng District, only about 10 km west of Pac Bo historical site.

Ban Gioc is the 4th biggest waterfall in the world, and leads over the boarder.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is located 80 km north of Cao Bang town on the border with China. Ban Gioc Waterfall is over 200 m wide & the water falls from a height of 70m over 3 sections. In the sunlight you can watch the seven colour waterfall. The colour of the water depends on the weather in this area. You can ride on a boat (bamboo rafts) and watch the waterfall directly, it is fascinating.

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This waterfall is the largest in Vietnam, but not the highest. Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the top tourist and visited site in Cao Bang province. Recommended – rent a motorbike in Cao Bang town và travel on your own, road to lớn the waterfall is in a good condition và it is not difficult.
Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang province.

Phat Tich Truc Lam Ban Gioc pagoda và the best spectular view at the waterfall.

Phat Tich Truc Lam Ban Gioc pagoda is only about 500m from the Ban Gioc Waterfall & it is very easily accessible. Go up và you will be surprised by the fascinating view of the entire area by the waterfalls. Phat Tich Truc Lam pagoda was inaugurated in năm trước and it is a part of Cao Bang national tourist site và attracts many tourists (mainly Vietnamese) throughout the year. In my opinion, this is the best view to lớn the area around Ban Gioc Waterfall.
Phat Tich Truc Lam Ban Gioc pagoda, close to lớn Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Nguom nghêu Cave is an amazing cave system, close khổng lồ Ban Gioc Waterfall.

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There are a few very large chambers và you should definitely visit this place, really stunning. In front of the cave you can buy some refreshments & there is also a parking lot. There are also some local small homestays nearby.
Nguom nghêu Cave in Cao Bang, only about 4 km from Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Only trăng tròn km from Cao Bang town is the beuatiful Thang Hen mountain lake.

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The lakes in Cao Bang khung the rivers that feed Ban Gioc Waterfall. Thang Hen is also a tourist resort, in the season is visited mainly by vietnamese tourists, you can find there also restaurant & some homestays.
Thang Hen Lake in Cao Bang in the no-tourist season.

Bao Lac can be the first stop if you are traveling from Ha Giang to Cao Bang.

Bao Lac is located in the far west of Cao Bang province, about 120 km from the city. If you travel from Ha Giang, it may be your first stop in Cao Bang province. This place definitely can not be described as tourist place, it has no vị trí cao nhất tourist spots. However, this may be an advantage, và what is not much touristy in Vietnam, sometimes it is most authentic.
Mong ethnic women in the ethnic festival in Bao Lac town.

Xuan Truong – a rural village only about 25 km from Bao Lac.

Cao Bang is a province where you can see và visit various ethnic rural villages, but lots of them are not easily accesible. So the best way how khổng lồ see Cao Bang province is to lớn travel by motorbike on your own.

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Travel by motorbike to lớn Xuan Truong (20 km from Bao Lac) is not so hard, there is a good road and you will be traveling in very nice mountains area. This village is located in a nice valley surrounded by mountains. Inhabited mainly by ethnic people. The only way how lớn get there is to travel by motorbike and you will see Me Pia Pass (đèo Mẻ Pia).
Xuan Truong in Cao Bang province, about 25 km from Bao Lac.

Ba Be National Park is a good place for trekking và homestay accommodation.

Ba Be National Park is a valuable natural heritage site of Vietnam.

Ba Be National Park và lake in Bac Kan province.

Ba Be National Park still holds its chất lượng authentic look.

A very good option is lớn try a homestay with the Tay ethnic residents in the village of Pac Ngoi. Pac Ngoi is a small village directly by bố Be lake on the south side of the lake. There are about 30 original buildings of Tay ethnic residents on “stilts“ và there is also accommodation available. Accommodation costs approximately 100,000 Vietnamese dongs for one person.

Pac Ngoi village offers homestay with Tay ethnic residents.

The locals are happy khổng lồ show you their culture, customs, food offerings, or just sitting by the fire. This village is the best place to be in easy reach of cha Be lake. For more information about the Tay ethnic group read the article – ethnic minorities of Vietnam.
Pac Ngoi homestay (photo from Wikimedia commons, licensed under CC by 3.0)

 How to get from Hanoi lớn Cao Bang:

1. From Hanoi khổng lồ Cao Bang town by sleeper bus or taxi:

there are some sleeper buses from Hanoi lớn Cao Bangbus tickets from Hanoi khổng lồ Cao Bang costs about 8-11 USDtravel by sleeper bus from Hanoi to Cao Bang takes about 7.5-10 hoursbus companies from Hanoi lớn Cao Bang: Thanh Ly, Khanh Hoantravel by private taxi/minivan from Hanoi lớn Ban Gioc Waterfall costs about 200-275 USD/car

You can also use some of these buses if you want to lớn get in to the National Park and Ba Be lake. Some buses go over the Phu Tong town, get off there và take a local bus/mototaxi to cho ra (10 km from cha Be National Park). You need khổng lồ ask your bus driver in Hanoi.

2. From Hanoi lớn Lang Son và from Lang Son khổng lồ Cao Bang:

A good choice is also to lớn take a bus or train from Hanoi (Gia Lam bus stop) to Lang Son (+Dong Dang city).In Lang Son you can stay for 2-3 days, explore this area & then continue by bus to lớn the đô thị of Cao Bang.Or you can use a train from Hanoi (Gia Lam station) lớn Lang Son or Dong Dang city.There is no train connection in Cao Bang province.

How to lớn get from Cao Bang to lớn Ban Gioc Waterfall:

The only way is khổng lồ travel by bus or motorbike. There are some local buses in Cao Bang town, for a current schedule I recommend to ask at the bus station or at the hotel. If you can, rent a motorbike in Cao Bang town và travel and explore this very nice area on your own.

Where to rent a motorbike in Cao Bang?

How lớn travel from Ha Giang lớn Cao Bang:

there are 2 options how to lớn reach Cao Bang from Ha Giang – bus/minivan or motorbike.the most beautiful travel route is from Ha Giang town to lớn Dong Van town, Meo Vac, Bao Lac.there are mainly small local buses, cheap bus tickets, but travel by bus takes a lot of time.there is no train và there are no flights from Ha Giang to lớn Cao Bang, Cao Bang has no airport

How to get from Cao Bang town to ba Be National Park:

There are 2 roads from the town of Cao Bang to the National park, it is about 130 km. From Cao Bang town some buses go lớn Phu Thong (ask in the khách sạn or at the bus station). In Phu Tong take a local bus to đã cho ra town, which is about đôi mươi km. Cho ra is about 10 km from ba Be National Park. In đã cho ra take a mototaxi (Xe Om). If you have a motorbike, just look at the map, & go on one of the 2 main roads leading from the thành phố of Cao Bang.

Weather in Cao Bang, when to lớn go:

Cao Bang it is not so mountains area like Ha Giang, there are some hills area, but this place lies in lowland.There is very hot in the summer months and in the winter months may be cold.

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Accommodation in Cao Bang:

Cao Bang town offers lots of possibilities of various accommodation – hotels, homestays, guesthouses.There is no problem to lớn book some of these accommodation online.You can also find some accommodation at the area of the Ban Gioc Waterfalls.

Accommodation in Cao Bang (hotels, homestay…) – Book Here 15 Best Hotels + Homestays in Cao Bang

Hostels + Homestays in Cao BangHomestays in ba Be National Park
Primrose HomestayHoàng Nguyên Homestay
Minh Hoang khách sạn ★Hoa sơn Homestay
Dương Hà hotel ★Huyen Hao homestay
Jeanne khách sạn ★Hoàng Chuyền Homestay
Khuổi Ky HomestayQuynh Mai Homestay
Green Door houseDuy Tho Homestay


 Places of Interest in Cao Bang:

Relic of Heroic Martyr Kim Dong (near Pac Bo)Trúc Lâm Phật Tích Pagoda (near the Ban Gioc Waterfalls)Phia Oac – Phia Den National Park (area at the town of Tinh Tuc in Nguyen Binh district)Ma Phuc pass on the road khổng lồ the Ban Gioc waterfallsKy Sam palaceCoi Binh MonasteryMarkets in Cao Bang townMe Pia Pass (đèo Mẻ Pia) in Xuan Truong (about 25 km from Bao Lac)National Park tía Be in Bac Kan province (Dau Dang waterfall, other caves and local villages)homestays at the National Park tía Be

 Cao Bang + ba Be Lake – tourist map: