Thông Tin Cần Biết Về Biệt Thự Hằng Nga Đà Lạt (Crazy House) Cho Bạn

Dalat is always an attractive destination with many beautiful villas, especially dalat crazy house. That is the most ancient villa in da Lat.

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When thinking of domain authority Lat City, you would think about the place of peaceful, ancient villas surrounded by pine forest. Here, there is a rather “monster” location, poisonous Other than the other villas, it is Hang Nga Villa, also known as Crazy House.

Ago Tourist will show you some special things about this villa.

Information about Hang Nga villa – Dalat Crazy House in Vietnam


Located at 03, Huynh Thuc Khang street, Ward 4, da Lat city, Lam Dong province. About 1km lớn the west of Dalat đô thị center, this is the a convenient location khổng lồ visiting.

The grade of dalat crazy houseDetailed way khổng lồ get The Crazy House

From Hoa Binh area => go lớn 3/2 street => Tran Phu street => Turn lớn Le Hong Phong street => go straight about 200m, look on the right hand side is Huynh Thuc Khang street, go ahead 30 meters.

Entrance fee

The ticket price to lớn visit Crazy House: 40.000VND/person (17$)

The entrance fee of dalat crazy house is 40.000VND


Before coming there, you can gọi the crazy house’s manager: 0263 3822 070

Time lớn visit: dalat crazy house is mở cửa every day from 08:30 – 19:00

Hang Nga villa – dalat crazy house in Vietnam


The Crazy House was built in 1990.

The house is also known by various names such as “Hang Nga Villa”, “The House of Strange”, “Spider’s nest Castle”, “Crazy House”.

Unlike today, da Lat at that time, the economy, tourism, even culture are very poor, lacking. The highland plateau is almost forgotten in heavy subsidized societies.

The dalat crazy house in Dalat center

The Crazy House host’s profile

Dang Viet Nga architect is General Secretary Truong Chinh’s daugter. She graduated from the Architecture in Moscow University (1959-1965).

Then from 1969 khổng lồ 1972, she continued to lớn study & get as a Doctor in Moscow. Returning to lớn Hanoi, she worked at the Institute of Architectural kiến thiết of the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Culture.

In 1983, she decided lớn leave Hanoi capital, which is the the architects’s dream land. She left big project to go to domain authority Lat. Her decision makes people feel hard to lớn understand. They asked: “what can she do in that small town?”. Explaining that question, she told: “Because I love domain authority Lat. The beautiful scenery, fresh climate, kind people and peaceful & tranquility in domain authority Lat have greatly influenced my decision to stay here until the over of my life.”

Renewed air has blew into her a wind. Personal creativity needs attention. The artist must think with his own head. She told: “After many designs for the country, & because of the interest and passion in creating my own architectural art, now I start expressing my dreams”.

Although, she was not born in Dalat, but in the list of people who loved this land, it must have Dang Viet Nga architect. Over the past 30 years, her love was sent lớn each brick, each piece of wood when setting up this unique & mysterious Crazy House.

When building this villa I was very concerned: “Nature is being destroyed every day, by architect’s design project I want lớn drag people back lớn nature, people should be close và love, it is rather than destroy.” Dang Viet Nga said.

Success from the difficulties

After a long period of preparation, from idea to lớn the first facilities, Hang Nga Villa was constructed in 1990. However, people admired this architect because of her enterprising, she was done whatever she thought.

Crazy house was built in the poor condition, indeed, at that time, she was not wealthy, her family did not have any man.

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She borrowed bank loan alone. There is no place to lớn refuse, there are a few banks lent her only 3 milion VND. However, when the bank debt reached 30 million, with a terrible interest rate of 10% at that time, no one didn’t help her anymore. Maybe she will go khổng lồ jail if she does not have money to pay the bank.

Sometimes she think of herself exhausted: “I did not have money, I borrow money for my friends lớn do, then borrowed money to pay for my friends, borrowed money from friends to pay the bank. I felt headache because of debt, but I told myself, I was right, I will be the winner” Dang Viet Nga said.

Today, “Her Crazy House is not only famous throughout the Dalat area but also many domestic & foreign tourists were known. A lot of newspapers, architectural magazines và tourism reputation “Hang Nga villa – The Crazy House” is one of the most exotic buildings in the world.

The Crazy House’s scene


The Crazy House has 100 roofs, located on a campus of nearly 1,600 square meter.

The castle looks like a tree or a part of the body of wild animals hidden in the jungle.

The strange shape of convex windows. The layout seems to lớn be lacking orderly but looking carefully as the eyes of wild animals. Visitors can see the garden in the villa with the shape of the spider’s nest at the entrance.

The dalat crazy house’s architecture

The Crazy House has 10 rooms. They are used for hotel and coffee shop business. The rooms in the house are designed according to lớn Dang Viet Nga’s idea. Their names such as gourd fruits, kangaroo, bears và bees with high price for rent.

The room for rent of dalat crazy house

These rooms are designed in two ancient trees (concrete). Its making visitors feel like they are lost in the strange và mystery forest. At night, if you sleep in these rooms, looking straight at the ceiling can see moon và stars.

By architecture’s language, the crazy house’s host wants to lớn direct people to lớn be in harmony & be friendly with the nature.

The crazy house’s architecture does not follow any rules of architecture. That are completely miễn phí in the natural layout of the owner. If you have lớn describe feeling about this villa in a few words, then it is: freedom, generosity, romantic, wild & weird.

Room prices at Crazy House villa

The room price is quite high.

For Vietnamese tourist: from 300.000 VND to 600.000 VND/room.For foreigners tourist: from 30 USD to 60 USD/room.

You don’t have to stay here as a guest, you can come và pay a small entrance fee (40.000VND) to lớn explore this whacky house for a few hours.

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The inside of room for rent of dalat crazy house

Crazy House in photos

The inside of room for rent of dalat crazy house
The dalat crazy house – Hang Nga villa
The dalat crazy house in Vietnam

Traveling Dalat, visiting to the dalat crazy house in Vietnam, Ago Tourist  sure that is an amazing experience for you.