When Is The Best Time To Visit Halong Bay?


Travel planning is the ultimate way khổng lồ take on a stress-không tính phí vacation khổng lồ Halong Bay. However, it is sometimes stressful because there are many things to lớn take inlớn consideration such as when is the best time to lớn visit Halong Bay? How lớn achieve sầu a smooth & fun-filled journey? With first-h& knowledge & deep insight about Halong Bay, our complete guide below will hopefully make everything easier for you.

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Beautiful Halong cất cánh in Summer Time (May)

Fall (Late September - October): Lasting too short but autumn is always the best season of the year. This is also the second peak tourist season in Halong Bay. Your cruise vacation will also be more tempting with less rain & more sunshine, igiảm giá khuyến mãi for going out.

Winter (November - February): Winter without a doubt is the coldest time of the year. The temperatures drop down lớn around 10°C và 20°C & the weather is dry. Therefore, swimming is almost impossible during this time & thiông xã fog in the early morning may obstruct your vision. One plus point of winter is that this is the festival season with several important occasions like Christmas, New Year, & Lunar New Year.

Weather Average by Month (In 2018)
Maximum temp (ºC)242529333435353533292724
Minimum temp (ºC)171819212425252423222118
Maximum rainfall (MM)2211111437825611839492140
Avg rainy days1995836121014111419

SummaryMay had the least rainy days (03)

Verdict: For optimum weather conditions, the best months to visit Halong Bay are probably April và May. The weather will likely be warm but not too hot, there will be fewer rain showers and more sunshine.

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2. Popularity: Peak vs Off-Peak Season

Traditional Meals for New Year Holiday.

While this an exciting time of year, it is also a very busy time as there are up to lớn 9 days when Vietnamese people are off work và traveling up và down the country to lớn visit family, leaving the transportation networks often quite congested. Despite the holiday, Halong cruises and tours continue lớn operate as normal và are sure lớn be a great time due to lớn the festive sầu mood. Just be sure that you allow extra time if you plan khổng lồ travel to Halong Bay from elsewhere in the country!

Firework shows in Ho Chi Minh City in Lunar New Year Eve.

Halong Bay Carnaval

Halong Bay Carnaval is one of the most exciting annual festivals in Vietphái mạnh and draws thousands of tourists from all over the world. Highlights include lively street parades, performances from international troupes, dazzling fireworks & a great display of local culture. The carnival is usually held in late April or early May which is great timing as it coincides with the best weather.

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Halong Carnaval (Pholớn credit: Congthuong.vn)

Other Festivals

There are many other festivals that are celebrated in Halong Bay and the surrounding area. Yen Tu festival is a period after the Tet Holiday when thousands of people make a pilgrimage to lớn the top of Yen Tu mountain lớn pray for good tidings in the new year. It runs from the first lớn the third lunar month, which is usually February to lớn April. The Bach Dang festival celebrates historic military victories on the Bach Dang river and attracts many more tourists và visitors each year. During the Bach Dang festival, there is a river procession, human-chess, and wrestling as well as a general atmosphere of celebration! Bach Dang is also celebrated around April or May.


If you’re looking for hustle & bustle & fun festivities, then you should definitely plan your Halong Bay trip khổng lồ coincide with the Halong Carnaval. However, if you are steering towards a more mellow vacation then you should consider avoiding April và May!

Pro Tip: Whether you go in winter or summer, high or low season, paông xã a warm jacket AND a swimsuit. The weather in Vietnam giới is often unpredictable và you don’t want to lớn be caught underprepared và miss out on any of the fun!