6 Best Types Of Food You Must Try In Phu Quoc, Vietnam


People who love sầu eating are the best people. It is a pitty if these foodies cannot find good food during their trips. Dont worry, our post here will give sầu you insights inlớn top 10 famous restaurants if you are planning to travel to lớn Phu Quoc. From vegans to lớn seafoods, from lãng mạn spots to local food cart, Phu Quoc has everything you need.

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1 – Buddy Ice Cream & Info Café


“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing.” One of the oldest “happiness haven” in Phu Quoc Islvà, Buddy Ice Cream và Info Café never misses a day’s opening. It draws the attention of those who want lớn escape the heat and enjoy a few tubs of delicious ice-cream, a cup of cold tea or milkshake. Moreover, the warm & friendly staff there always welcomes customers & gives them some sound advice about the best activities on this isl&. If you come here for breakfast, you should try cheesy vegemite toast for 55,000 VND (~2,39USD). This dish of heaven really melts in your mouth!

2 – Gop Gio restaurant


For fans of traditional Vietnamese dishes with idyllic panoramic views, Gop Gio restaurant could be your favorite place.

Just 10 minutes strolling from Dinch Cau Rochồng, this quiet restaurant also is well-known for locally-sourced seafood from Duong Dong Port, such as Eels, shrimp, và Sphyraenidae.

Signature dishes at Gop Gio are deep-fried shrimps và squids, fish hot pot, fried shrimps with onion, roasted pork, và all of them accompanied by dumplings. And bởi vì you know what, these delectable dishes start from 20,000 VND (~1USD). To enhance the meal, fresh coconut water, fruit juice, draft beer, or Vietnamese coffee are advised to lớn fully experience the local culture.

Note: It would be an idyllic and uncrowded lunch with quiông xã service after discovering iconic Duong Dong tourist attractions. Gop Gio’s staff are mostly locals và vì not speak English fluently. However, the restaurant still has English menus to serve foreigners.

3 – Phu Quoc Itaca Resto lớn Lounge


Owned by a Spanish expat, the Itaca Reskhổng lồ Lounge Phu Quoc attracts travelers for its wide variety of Asian-styled Mediterranean tapas & alcoholic beverages. Quiông chồng và friendly service is also what makes it an ideal venue for thắm thiết dinners, as well as casual gatherings.

4 – Khanh khô Ly Vegetarian restaurant


Tired of eating vegetarian dishes made of eggplants & tofus? Then Kkhô giòn Ly Vegetarian Restaurant is a place you should go for. This mid-over eatery with a rich Búp Phê of vegetables, soup, noodles, và vegan meat is located near the Cao Dai Temple in Duong Dong. There is no menu – the staff will h& you a plate of rice, and then you can add side dishes of your choice before paying. It is expected to pay from 30,000 VND (~1,3USD) lớn 50,000 VND (~2,17USD) per person.

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Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00 every dayAddress: 35 Nguyen Trai, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Islvà.

5 – La Café Deli


A cozy cafe along Tran Hung Dao Street, La Cafe Deli serves a variety of Western dishes, smoothies, và coffee. It is equipped with air conditioning, alternative furniture, antiques, vinyl flooring lớn help travelers relax after beach activities or a long-trip Phu Quoc Island tour. The menu ranges from light snacks, such as sandwiches và salads, to main dishes such as pasta & burgers. Beverages will cost between đôi mươi,000 (~1USD) and 40,000 VND (1,74 USD). Also, you can have an extra shot of rum for 30,000 VND (~1,3 USD).

6 – On the Rocks Restaurant at Mango Bay Resort

On the Rocks restaurant at Mango Bay Resort is the all-day dining spot overlooking Ong Lang Beach, one of the most isolated beaches on Phu Quoc Island. Here travelers can enjoy a variety of authentic Vietnamese, Asian và Western favorites from 06: 30 khổng lồ late night. The must-try dish is Phu Quoc Mackerel (230,000 VND), which consists of locally sourced mackerel boiled in soy & shiitake broth, served with choy sum and ginger rice. Great to lớn giới thiệu is the Ying-Yang Basket (VND 185,000), which includes fresh spring rolls, coconut shrimp, beef guise leaves and banamãng cầu flower salad. On the Rocks restaurant offers an extensive wine danh sách, as well as fresh fruit juices and tropical cocktails.


7 – Sakura restaurant


Sakura Restaurant, serving grilled seafood & Vietnamese food at very attractive sầu prices, is the place you should try when you come to lớn Phu Quoc. This charming, a family-run facility is a good location for large groups. Stir-fried meat dishes start at VND 90,000 while grilled seafood costs VND 150,000. Recommended dishes include fresh shrimp cooked in coconut milk, sweet & sour pork, grilled red snapper & fresh spring rolls in peanut sauce. Located along Ong Lang Beach, Sakura Restaurant is a 15-minute walk from Mango Bay Resort.

8 – The Pepper Tree at La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc


The only restaurant on Phu Quoc awarded by Trip Advisor so far, the Pepper Tree restaurant at La Verandomain authority Resort Phu Quoc is hosted in an all-trắng building with stunning views. Here you can enjoy fine wines & fine cuisine during your vacation on Phu Quoc Isl&.

Ideal for romantic dinners, this opulent dining venue features French colonial décor, white curtains, warm lighting & cozy seats while the four-piece jazz bvà embodies unobtrusive performance in the background. You should ask the table in the upper floor for a beautiful view of the resort’s landscaped gardens, Bai Dai and the surrounding islets.

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9 – Apple Garden Restaurant

Apple Garden Restaurant is a popular seafood restaurant on Phu Quoc Isl&. Its signature dish is herring salad served with the fresh vegetables and guoc nam sauce. This local dish combines fresh herring, lime juice, chili, onion, sliced ​​vegetables and shredded coconut wrapped in a rice paper roll. The Apple Garden restaurant also produces its own ruou slặng, a local alcoholic beverage made from Syên. Located opposite Long Beach Resort Phu Quoc, this open-air restaurant is truly a perfect choice for those who want khổng lồ enjoy a light lunch before exploring Phu Quoc Island.

10 – Winston’s Burgers & Beer


Winston’s Burgers và Beer attracts a steady stream of expats and tourists on Phu Quoc Isl& with a wide variety of large burgers, imported beer and cider as well as delicious cocktails. Ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for those travelers who crave comfort food baông xã home page, this vibrant pub also offers an affordable selection of shakes, soft drinks và fruit juices