The Best Pho In Ho Chi Minh City


Pho in Vietnam is one of the most famous dishes in the country. A classic noodle dish, pho is considered the national dish of Vietphái mạnh.

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Visiting Vietphái mạnh without eating pho would make your visit incomplete. It is not only a delicious bowl of soup, but pho also provides tasty lenses into lớn Vietnamese culture.

The story of pho is intertwined with Vietnam’s history. Pho became popular in the north as a hearty soup eaten at breakfast by rice field workers.

After Vietnam’s partition in 1954 between the North và the South, & in the aftermath of French colonization, thousands of Vietnamese migrated khổng lồ the South to escape communism in the north.

That’s when the South adopted pho & made it their own. Pho in Saigon is said to lớn be spicier và sweeter. In central Vietnam, you’ll also find regional differences in this iconic noodle soup.

While exploring the local food specialties in Vietnam giới, we traveled from Hanoi, to central Vietphái mạnh & finally, Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City.

Along the way, we made it a point to lớn try the various pho Vietnam offers & understvà the regional specificities.

Follow along with this guide to the best pho in Vietnam giới và the cultural nuances of this legendary dish.

Yummy pho meal

Traditional pho in Vietnam is typically served in one of two ways. There is beef pho or pho bo, which is beef noodle soup. And, there is pho ga, the chicken version.

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Due lớn the complexity in making the broth, most authentic eateries will serve sầu one or the other, and not both versions of pho.

The meat selection for pho bo can be quite vast. For a more traditional pho experience, nam or beef flanktái or slices of rare beef that cook in the broth are popular.

Well-done brisket or chínbeef meatballs or trườn viên are also solid options.

Adventurous eaters can go for fatty brisket or gầu, tendon or gântripe or sách.

Typically, Vietphái nam pho comes in a small kích cỡ known as nho or lon for a large bowl of pho. On the menu, Dac Biet is a “Special Pho” which is large in size and includes all cuts of beef.

Xe Lua, not for the faint-hearted, is the biggest bowl và it also includes all cuts of beef.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you want lớn make Vietnamese pho easily at home page, learn how to lớn make it in a private online cooking class. Chef Le, from Vietnam, will teach you how to lớn make traditional beef pho including various add-ins và variations. In this 2.5-hour online cooking class, Chef Le will teach you, step by step how lớn make pho as well as a traditional mango and coconut dessert for dessert. Learn how khổng lồ make this popular Vietnamese street food & delight your friends và family.

Northern Vietnam giới Pho

Pho in the north, is known as pho bac or phở bắc. It is considered as the true pho by pho purists và those in northern Vietphái mạnh.

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The focus of pho bac is on the chất lượng of the clear và light broth. Anise and other spices provide subtle undertones of flavor.

The main ingredients are wider rice noodles & slices of rare beef or chicken. The clear broth is the star & it is typically topped with green onion.