Nightlife In Ho Chi Minh City


Tan Binh District has one of the biggest Vietnam international airports, tung Son Nhat International Airport, welcoming most overseas travelers & give them the first impression about Vietnam and Ho đưa ra Minh City. Therefore, there are plenty of interesting things to do & eat, such as traditional cuisine & recreational activities. This district is not as urbanized as the central area of Ho chi Minh city - District 1, và thus, you can both enjoy the modern side and experience the authentic local side of the city.

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Map of rã Binh District"s Attractions:

Tan Binh District Overview

Tan Binh District is located in the northwest of Ho đưa ra Minh City, adjacent to Go Vap District và District 12 in the north, while sharing a border with Phu Nhuan District, District 3, and District 10 in the east. This district also shares the border with District 11 in the south & Tan Phu District in the east.

Before 2003, the total area of tan Binh District was much bigger, but after that, a part of chảy Binh District was separated and formed a new area, known as tung Phu District.

Tan Binh District consists of 15 wards, from Ward 1 lớn Ward 15. It occupies 22 km². In June 2005, there are approximately 411,000 recorded as living here.

How lớn Get to Tan Binh District

As an airport district, rã Binh District is the most accessible place for air travelers. In case you are in famoustourist attractions like Ben Thanh Market, it will take you about 30 minutes for an 8-kilometer route. You can use a xe taxi or the airport bus 109 (from mê say Nghi Station) or 119 (from Mien Tay Station, Binh tung District, going through District 5).

Attractions in tung Binh District

Tan Binh District does not have many famous historical sites. In fact, it has a few museums và they are not well preserved. However, tung Binh District is the home of many large famous pagodas lượt thích Giac Lam Pagoda, built in 1744, one of the oldest pagodas in Ho đưa ra Minh City. These pagodas play an important role in the religious life of the citizens.

Other than pagodas, chảy Binh District is also featured with a park and a water channel. Hoang Van Thu Park contributes a large green space for this area with many old trees, which helps cool down the temperature significantly. One thing that gives a strong impression for many people about this park is the Phan Thuc Duyen Street. This street is designed through the park, with shady trees on the two sides. People come here khổng lồ relieve their soul with immense nature, lớn enjoy the fresh air right in the city.

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Phan Thuc Duyen Street with large shady trees

Moreover, the Nhieu Loc channel makes this district look more peaceful và charming. In the late noon or evening, riding a motorbike on Hoang Sa Street or Truong Sa Street (the streets on two sides of the channel), you can experience another aspect of Ho bỏ ra Minh City. People here are not as rushed as other places. Instead, the elderly take a slow walk with their friends or children while the youth vị some exercises & children play around the area.


Nhieu Loc - Thi Nghe Channel

More attractions in tan Binh District are listed below:

Name Entrance Fee Address Category
Giac Lam Pagoda Free 565 Lac Long Quan, Ward 10 Religious site
Pho quang quẻ Pagoda Free 64 Huynh Lan Khanh, Ward 2 Religious site
Phat Bao Pagoda Free 673/3 Lac Long Quan, Ward 10 Religious site
Hai An Pagoda Free 1/21 Au Co, Ward 14 Religious site
Hai quang đãng Pagoda Free 405 Pham Van Hai, Ward 3 Religious site
Duc Lam Pagoda Free 111 Lac Long Quan, Ward 10 Religious site
Vien Giac Pagoda Free 193 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 1 Religious site
Chi Hoa Church Free 149 Banh Van Tran, Ward 7 Religious site
Southeastern Armed Forces Museum Free 247 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 1 Historical site
Southern Air Force Museum

Free entrance for individuals and xuất hiện tours

VND 5,000 for group

87 Thang Long, Ward 4 Historical site
Phan Chu Trinh Memorial Tomb Free 9 Phan Thuc Duyen, Ward 4 Historical site
Hoang Van Thu Park Free

Hoang Van Thu Street

This area is a triangle made of Hoang Van Thu Street, Nguyen Van Troi Street, & Phan Dinh GiotStreet

Public park
Tan Son Nhat Golf VND 1,000,000 - VND 4,500,000/day 6 rã Son, Ward 12 Golf court

To have fun trips in Ho chi Minh City, check out our authentic motorbike tours with professional local guides!

Eating in chảy Binh District

When it comes to lớn food, we can give you an endless các mục of restaurants because food vendors are found in every corner of Ho đưa ra Minh City, including chảy Binh District. The area inside and near the chảy Son Nhat Airport is the trang chủ of many well-known franchise brands, widely varied from international to domestic brands. Situated further are many excellent Vietnamese restaurants. Some of them are really famous & worth-trying restaurants lượt thích Pho Phu Vuong or Bun cha Xuan Tu.

As a result, being in tan Binh District, you can easily indulge yourself with western dishes such as pizza or fried chicken or experience mouth-watering traditional Vietnamese dishes. Below is our suggested locations for your preference.

Noted that there are so many restaurants that we could not danh mục them all down here. So we give you some streets that gather many eateries, including the signature ones. When coming here, you can see them all and make your own decisions.

Category Location

International: King BBQ, Papa"s chicken, Texas Chicken, Bread Talk, Sukiya Beef Rice, Tokyo Deli, Al Frescos, Popeyes, Gogi House, King BBQ, Sumo BBQ, KFC, Lotteria.Kichi Kichi, Jollibee, Domino Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dunkin"s Donut

Local: Bun Dau Homemade, Huong Cau Restaurant

Vietnamese Cuisine Le Van Sy Street, Cong Hoa Street, Cach sở hữu Thang 8 Street, Pham Van hai Street
Street Eats Hoang Sa Street, Pham Van nhị Street, Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Cach mang Thang 8 Street, Nguyen vào Tuyen Street, Truong Sa Street, Hoang Sa Street
Bars and clubs Super Bowl Center on Truong Son Street


Pho Phu Vuong is very famous among locals và foreigners


Bun thân phụ Xuan Tu, the famous local restaurant for Bun cha, a Vietnamese dish of grilled pork và noodle

Shopping in chảy Binh District

Tan Binh District could be a heaven for shopping lovers because there are plenty of shopping malls as well as markets. Shopping malls are also a great choice for a layover in Ho chi Minh City.

Category Address What lớn Buy
Shopping Malls

Super Bowl - A43 Truong Son, Ward 4

Pico Plaza - trăng tròn Cong Hoa, Ward 12

Parkson CT Plaza - 60A Truong Son, Ward 2

Saigon Airport Plaza - 1 Bach Dang, Ward 2

Clothes, accessories, cosmetics, coffee, and tea
Local Markets

Tan Binh Market - 172-174M Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 8

Bau cat Market - 205 Nguyen Hong Dao, Ward 13

Hoang Hoa Tham Market - 19 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 13

Pham Van hai Market - 128 Pham Van Hai, Ward 3

Tan Tru Market - 30 Nguyen đam mê Sach, Ward 15

Nghia Hoa Secondhand Market - Nghia Hoa Street, Ward 7

Second-hand clothes, new clothes, local dishes, fruits

Pham Van nhị Market and Tan Binh Market have their reputation for offering a wide variety of clothes, shoes, & accessories at incredibly cheap prices. Therefore, these markets attract many teenage girls & women shoppers. However, the vendors here often increase the price much more than it is supposed lớn be. You can challenge yourself by trying to lớn make a bargain.

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Others than clothes, these markets also offer very flavorful dishes, & of course at very affordable prices. You can experience the chất lượng feeling of sitting on small plastics stools in the middle of the market and being surrounded by a constant flow of shoppers while enjoying your meals.